Turquoise Crochet cowl

Geometric Crochet Cowl

So I thought I would introduce you to the geometric cowl I crocheted just before Christmas.

After a trip to Hobbycraft to purchase some Christmassy wool I returned with two 400g balls of aran-wool blend for just £6 each and only because the paper band was missing. However, there were other balls on the shelf so I wrote down all the information I needed and started planning what to do with my new found treasure!

turquoise red wool

2 balls of Aran on clearance at hobbycraft

Obviously the red wool was put to good use for the Christmas decorations I had planned but what to do with that lovely turquoise?

i turned to my new found favourite feature on Ravelry, the yarn search. You simply type in the brand of yarn and then find the type you have. It then allows you to search through the projects other people have made with that yarn as well Aston look at pictures of how they turned out.

I spotted this Twist ‘n Shout Cowl and immediately fell in love with the geometric pattern. I had to make it!

It is quite a simple pattern really, you create a chain 90 stitches long and the work in the round using just front- and back-post double crochet to create the two different stitches you see here.

geometric pattern using fpdc and bpdc

front- and back- post double crochets make the 2 different stitches seen here which look like they run in opposite directions

As I had to look these up I will be posting a short tutorial on how to do these soon!

The whole thing was completed in three crochet sessions as the chunky wool made up so quickly and now I never take it off as it is perfect for this sudden winter spell we have been having.

I hope you like it.



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