Free Pattern: Andalusian Boot Cuffs

I have some exciting news!

If you liked the look of my boot cuffs that I made in my previous post you will be delighted to hear that the pattern is now available to download for FREE on here on Ravelry!

I would love any feedback anyone has on this pattern as it is my first attempt at publishing and I’m sure there will be some mistakes. I have tried to keep it simple though and as I explained in my last post the boot cuffs are a simple make and are knitted flat.

Perhaps you could make them as a mothers day gift (UK mothers day is on the 12th March in case you were wondering!)

I hope you enjoy this pattern.



2 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Andalusian Boot Cuffs

  1. KCole's Creative Corner says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me how to add more tabs to my menu. You have tabs like Home, About, Projects, and Tutorials. I wanted to add tabs like recipes and crafts. I would greatly appreciate it if you would show me how to do this. Thanks!


    • H's Handcrafts says:

      I found the website really usefull when setting up my blog so you might want to check that out but in order to make menus with specific sets of blog posts you need to use categories (so assign all your recipes to a “recipes” category and crafts to a “crafts” category) and then follow the instructions on this page
      Hope that helps!


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