Croquis anyone?

i have been trying to find a way to best visualise how my sewn garments will look once completed and also how to get my ideas for new projects onto paper just the way they are in my head.

A sketch would seem like the obvious way forward right? However, I’m not great at realistic drawing so I turned to the Internet for some advice. It seems that the most common idea is a croquis. A croquis is a quick sketch of a model in different poses so as to be able to draw on garments to view at different angles eg. Front, side and back view.

There are plenty of websites with tips for drawing your own croquis, and how to get the proportions right but most seem to be based on the proportions of fashion models with super long legs!nso to me these don’t look very realistic at all. So now I’m stuck do I try and visualise my clothes that I want to make on some 6ft something super skinny croquis or do I have my own sketches look super unrealistic?

Has anyone come across this problem before or any artists out there got any tips for drawing a realistically proportioned sketch?


3 thoughts on “Croquis anyone?

  1. Nikki - Thimble Minds says:

    I always draw a stick man with ball joints then fill it out slowly. I studied a lot of anatomy books when I was a teenager so it comes naturally. You could always take photos of yourself in undies and then use photoshop to create an outline. Then you print them to trace over and create designs. Hmmm… I made that sound more complicated than needed! There may be more realistic templates to use online.


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