Colour Combinations

I am sure everyone knows the feeling when you are inspired by a new pattern that you just have to try straight away but cant decide how to make it just right for you. Well sometimes its down to the texture of the fabric or yarn but more often than not I find myself pondering over the colour for so long! There are certain colours I return to time and time again but often I want to try something new but am unsure of how it will fit in with the colours already in my wardrobe.

I decided to create a new pinterest board to keep track of some of my favourite colour combinations so that when I cant decide what colour to do my next project I can just open it up and see what has inspired me before. Also, if I know what I want it to match I can look for colour inspiration with those combinations in!

Do you have a method of choosing what colours to create your next project in or do you always go for the same combinations? I would love to hear any tips!

Just for fun, here are some of my favourites! What are yours?



4 thoughts on “Colour Combinations

  1. quietasamouse says:

    I have really been expanding my color choices in yarn. I tend to stick to classic colors, but have been branching out to some very vibrant colors. I’m currently making a pair of socks for my daughter in some gorgeous bright greens. I’m not sure I would wear something that bright personally, but I think it might help me to open up to other color choices.

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  2. Jenny - prettycolumn (@riley_jl) says:

    this is a great idea – I’ve often made something without giving serious enough thought to the colour combinations and it makes all the difference! I started a pinterest board too to try and help me develop a better eye for colour combinations, though I’ve not utilising it enough yet.. :) jenny xx

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