I think I am using Ravelry wrong.

I love to use Ravelry to find new patterns or just to search for ideas about what I could knit or crochet next. However, I currently seem to use the library and queue functions interchangeably to save  links to patterns I want to try or more often than not I just pin them to my inspiration boards over on Pinterest.

I havent even begun to use the functionality attached to groups forums or people.

One feature I do really like however is the ‘yarns’ tab. You know when you are in a shop and you see a yarn that you just need. Well this is where you can see what other people have made with it and suddenly it is no longer that impulse buy that you don’t know what to do with but instead it is a gateway to hundreds of new projects just waiting to be started!

If you want to see the chaos of my Ravelry page you can find it here.



7 thoughts on “I think I am using Ravelry wrong.

  1. annecheng108 says:

    I find Ravelry invaluable now especially as they have added so many features since I first joined. I like seeing other people’s versions of designs that interest me as well as reading opinions on yarns and patterns. It’s saved me a lot of wasted time as I can work out what I don’t want to bother with much more easily!

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  2. Jenny - prettycolumn (@riley_jl) says:

    I am in the exact same boat as you – this year I’ve set myself the challenge of using Ravelry more. I’ve started writing my own patterns so sharing those was the logical first step, and now I’ve started to update my project page having neglected this before. Still not taking full advantage of the groups and forums though! I’m trying :) but it is the perfect place for pattern finding, and I use it to help me deice what to make with yarn i have in my stash as well :) jenny xx – http://www.prettycolumn.co.uk

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  3. Lise Mendel says:

    The forums on Ravelry are currently my favorite social media site. It just seems to attract a lot of very friendly people, and the buttons help cut down on pointless ‘me too’ posts.

    You should play around with ‘favorites’ as another way to keep track of patterns you like. You can even tag them, or use them in advanced searches, so it’s the easiest way to find them again even years later.

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  4. Mary-Anne Burton Taylor says:

    no such thing as using ravelry wrong – use it how it works for you – and the great thing is you can keep learning and learning how awesome it is. My favourite thing lately is to look at others who are making the same pattern as me and reading all their helpful notes.

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