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KCBW6 Day 4: Bags Of Fun

It’s day 4 of KCBW6 and we’re over half way! Well done to those who have made it this far and welcome to those who are just joining in. We’ve been having loads of fun already so be sure to check out the posts from the previous days and check out all of the other lovely blogs that are taking part over on the facebook event.

Today’s topic is about our craft bags!

Time to delve into that most treasured collection of tools, notions and oddments as you are asked to spill the contents of your knitting or crochet bag, caddy or other method of organisation and put your crafting unmentionables on display.

Bags of Fun - Needle Roll

My Needle Roll

Now as I am fairly new to all of this I don’t think I have too many “unmentionables” yet although my collection of craft supplies is growing rapidly! Instead I thought I would kill two birds with one stone by showing you my needle roll which is not only where I keep all my knitting and crochet supplies but its also something I crafted myself!

In fact it was my first project on my new sewing machine back in January. I went to my local fabric shop and scoured the scraps bin. They usually charge only a pound a metre for anything you find in there but as I was buying lots of other sewing supplies at the same time they threw in these lovely silver and purple fabrics for free!

There are lots of tutorials online for needle rolls so I read through a few of those and decided to just dive straight in. I cut the silver piece for the back and sewed and then alternated the purple and silver pieces for the pockets sewing in slots of different widths to hold all my supplies.

One important piece of information I had gleaned from my pre-reading was that I should sew a flap at the top to stop my needles falling out! A piece of advice that I’m really glad I took!

I’ve found my needle roll really useful and it has space for all my long needles as well as some larger pockets at the front to store my circular needles. I can also store all my crochet hooks as well as a couple of pencils some small scissors and a tape measure!

It is also the perfect size to fit in my screen printed tote bag which i use to carry my current project with me.



16 thoughts on “KCBW6 Day 4: Bags Of Fun

  1. Gill says:

    Wow, that’s lovely… and very organised. I have a needle roll but I’m never very good at putting the needles inside the flap or together so I have to rifle through whenever I’m looking for a pair!

    Liked by 1 person

    • H's Handcrafts says:

      I’m glad you like it,
      The flap is such a simple thing that makes a lot of sense to stop your needles sliding out but would be so easy to forget if you came up with the pattern yourself!


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