Stash sorting

This would normally be the time for my weekend WIPs post but this weekend has been full of things. Just not much crafting.

I did manage to get my Capri trousers finished but more on those another day once I have taken some photos. Other than that I managed a few rows of knitting but there’s not really much to report.

I did however, do some stash sorting. Now there’s nothing to get too excited about here I did not manage to get rid of anything! I just sorted fabric into two boxes: one of pieces large enough to make full items out of and another of old clothes and offcuts which can be used for smaller projects.

I also sorted my yarn out and kept all the balls that are for my current projects in an accessible place whilst those that are not needed went into a box to be kept out of the way. I even wrote a list of what’s in the box so that hopefully I can consult that first when choosing my next project!




2 thoughts on “Stash sorting

  1. sanseilife says:

    Yikes! Stash sorting?!? I am new to this knitting crocheting thing and I thought having a stash was hard enough but now I have to sort it.!? yikes! I just got over the anxiety of realizing I had a stash oh my gosh ………


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