shawl knitting WIP

Weekend WIPs – Some unknitting

Last week I knit whilst I was tired.

Big mistake.

When I picked my knitting up on Friday evening I noticed the most recent row on my shawl was all out of sync with the rest of the pattern.

Mistake in shawl

Beginning of hole on current row is shifted to the right

I decided it was time to learn to unknit. This was something I had tried before and failed miserably as I was dropping stitches all over the place! This time I started slowly and had my smallest crochet hook on hand to pick up dropped stitches along the way. I actually had to unknit 2 rows to get back to the root of the problem but it actually went rather well I only dropped a couple of stitches and managed to rescue them with a crochet hook (I think!)

I then knitted another 4 rows so net gain this weekend was 2 rows of knitting!! Hopefully things will start speeding up soon.

shawl knitting WIP

shawl knitting WIP detail

3 thoughts on “Weekend WIPs – Some unknitting

  1. Tamsin North says:

    I was unknitting a row last night because the show I was watching (Poldark) was so exciting I forgot to increase two stitched when I should have. It’s easily done, but oh so annoying when it happens.

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