Weekend WIPs – the end of the ball

Earlier this week I had a very stressful time whilst knitting. Now, knitting is something that I usually find quite relaxing – but not this time. I was nearing the end of my ball of yarn and I wanted to squeeze as much out of it as possible. I was getting towards the end of my row, which is now getting quite long, and the tail of yarn was getting ever shorter. I really wanted to reach the end of the row as knitting is still fairly new to me and I am a little uncomfortable leaving a row half finished, which is something I would have to do given I didn’t have the next ball with me. Also, as I am still quite new to knitting this would be the first project where I neede to change ball part-way through! So I really wanted some help from my other friends who knit.

I asked around at my craft club for everyone’s best suggestions as to how they join a new ball and most seemed to follow the same theme. Either pick up the new yarn and begin to knit with both it and the previous one for a few stitches or to knit with it and its tail for a few stitches. This is so that it gets properly locked into the work and shouldn’t unravel. I decided to go with knitting with both new and old yarn together for a few stitches although I can see how the other method might work better if you were changing colour.

You do get a small section of you knitting that is a little thicker than the rest due to using two strands at once. However, you can hardly notice it on mine as it falls within the ribbing and so just creates one slightly heavier rib. I forgot to take pictures but trust me you can hardly tell! Later in this project I need to change colour so I might try the other method then and see how it goes so that I can compare which I like best,



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