My view for the whole week on the farm

Weekend WIPs: The end of a very busy week

So after returning from my holiday I jumped straight into what turned out to be one of the busiest weeks I’ve had at work in a long time. It wasn’t even busy in a nice way – rushing around seeing lots of people and getting lots of work done. No, it was a busy in a hot and exhausting kind of way. I spent the whole week out on a farm in pretty hot weather doing very physically tiring work.

My view for the whole week on the farm

My view for the whole week

So, by the time the weekend came I was ready for a well earned rest. I spent some time knitting – my shawl is now progressing nicely although I’m not sure it will be ready for my self imposed deadline for me to wear it to a friends wedding the first weekend of August. Also holding me back might be the fact that there is another section to come in cream and I have almost run out of the cream yarn. I have ordered some more so hopefully it will arrive pretty quickly so I can continue knitting uninterrupted!

Beginning of lacework on knitted shawll

Beginning of lacework on knitted shawl

I have just started on the lacework (in blue)and have been reminded of how I really need to learn not to knit so tightly! The last time I attempted lacework I got really fed up with it and I think that was partly because it was such hard work. As I knit really tightly it is especially tricky to knit together multiple stitches the yarn and needles begin to creak as I prize the stitches along! I thought I had managed to loosen my stitches slightly as I knit up the stocking stitch part of the shawl but obviously not enough to make the lacework significantly easier.

I have been knitting “continental style” ie with the yarn in my left hand. Any suggestions of how to hold the yarn better so that my stitches become slightly looser. Obviously I cant change it dramatically or it will look out of place on a partially knitted shawl but as I have just switched colour and the style of knitting is changing I think now would be the best time to try something new!


5 thoughts on “Weekend WIPs: The end of a very busy week

  1. quietasamouse says:

    Hope you get a chance to rest after the week you had!
    What I do when the stitches are too tight is take the right needle and go into the stitch(es) and loosen them a bit. Then I’m usually able to knit 2 together without much hassle. For regular knitting and purling, it just takes practice relaxing your stitches.
    Your shawl is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


  2. nommymono says:

    I found that when I twirl the yarn only around my index finger it makes my knitting tighter than if I go over/under/over/under the 4 fingers on my left hand. Hope this helps, and have fun knitting! :)


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