Is there anybody out there…

Wow, what a long time it has been. I will forgive you all if you have all got up and left me all alone in this small corner of the internet as I have been AWOL for almost 3 weeks! What a 3 weeks it has been though so I do hope you will forgive me!

First of all we moved into our new house! It’s great having a house that is all ours, we have so many ideas for decorating and layout but its a little overwhelming to know where to start. We decided to start with the main bedroom so whilst that is underway we are mostly still living out of boxes in the spare room.

2 days after moving house I started my placement so not only did I have a new house I had a new job  aswell. To top this off it is too far away to commute daily so I am lodging nearby in the week and travelling at weekends so after only 2 days it was goodbye new house and hello to a different new house. Only this one is not mine and there are other people living there (but they are lovely so theres no problem there).

One good thing about staying away from home is that the evenings feel a lot longer when there are not all the little things to do hanging over you so in my first week away I managed to get a fair chunk done on my sunburst blanket…more on that to come later. I also came down with a cold – not what you need when your away from home and have just started a new job but I think with all the effort of moving it was bound to happen at some time.

So, in case you thought all of that was enough to have kept me occupied for the last 3 weeks you would be wrong…there’s more! Last week I went to a conference in Spain. It was mostly just work stuff but I did have a bit of spare time to explore the city. The conference was held in Cordoba, a beautiful old city. In fact the old town is a UNESCO world heritage site. IT really is a beautiful place and filled with lots of inspiration. I really loved visiting the Mezquita which was originally a mosque and now houses a catholic cathedral. The contrast between the moorish architecture and the catholic art is really striking.

and I also found some Spanish craft shops…the first was a fairly normal fabric shop but the second seemed to sell everything from buttons, to yarn, to busts of the virgin Mary!

Hopefully the next few weeks will calm down a bit and I will have more time for the relaxing things in my life such as knitting and unpacking my sewing machine!



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