cutting and sticking

Not so much work in progress!

Since I got back to some kind of normal after the whirlwind of the last few weeks I must admit I have only found a little bit of time for crafting. I have been pretty tired recently and find that this often leads to mistakes. I have managed to get a little bit done on my shawl but this particular WIP requires quite a lot of concentration so its definitely a no for when I am tired!

I have also begun work on my next sewing project despite the sewing machine still being boxed up from the move. In fact, I have discovered one thing I pretty much hate about sewing and that’s sticking printed pdf patterns together! Its just so tricky to get it lined up exactly right and I know that if I dont the finished garment just wont come out right because one piece of paper at slightly the wrong angle could make a huge difference to the final size.

cutting and sticking

Hopefully, soon I will have some actual things to show you as I am definietely feeling the need to craft!



4 thoughts on “Not so much work in progress!

  1. Nathalie says:

    I know how you feel about PDF pattern assembly! I tend to do this now when I am watching TV or listening to an audio book, the only way to get through it! Also I need a clear room because those pdfs tend to be quite large once assembled. Still a chore though.

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