Amazing crochet designs

Dont you just love it when you find an amazing new designer! Well, this is what happenend to me today! As you do I was just browsing Ravelry, not because I needed to find a new project (I definitely dont – I have way to many WIPs on the go at the moment!) but just because its so easy to get absorbed in all the loveliness.

Any way I stumbled across a gorgeous blanket pattern and got lost in a rabbit warren of looking at all the projects associated with it!

This was the blanket that cost me a few hours of my life…but I think it was worth it!

Julie Yeager blanket

Looking through everyones projects you begin to see what an amazing pattern it is and so versatile when done in different colours. I think if I were to make it I would stick with white (or maybe cream) as the main colour and then maybe some richer colours than those used here for the rest…perhaps some lovely jewel tones.

So after having spent quite a lot of time admiring this pattern I decided to investigate the designer. Her website provides a haven of beautiful crochet patterns.

Now I just need to find the time to make some of them. Perhaps these could end up as cushion covers?

Have you found a new designer recently I would love to here about them – after all I cant possibly have seen half of the great patterns on Ravelry yet!


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