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Whilst making the cowl I showed you earlier in the week my mums present I was having some issues with the edges rolling up and hoped a bit of blocking would fix it. Previously I have blocked things by wetting them and pinning them to a towel in the desired shape to be left to dry.

As this was a present and quite delicate with the 4-ply yarn I decided to look up how to get this thing blocked properly. I decided to invest in some blocking wires and pins.

I chose this set by lazadas at I found some good reviews online and they offered a mixture of two lengths of wire with different rigidity.

2015-11-19 21.01.02

For the cowl, I soaked it in warm water with a bit of conditioner for around 20 minutes and then rinsed and gently squeezed out the excess water. I then stuck it in a towel and pressed out even more of the water before threading the wires through the top and bottom row of stitches across half of the cowl.

I could then use the T-bar pins included in the set to pin the wire straight to a dry towel.

2015-11-19 20.55.48

After a couple of days I rewet the twisted part of the cowl and repositioned the wires so this bit was now flat and again, pinned it and left it for a couple of days.

Once this process was complete The cowl was much flatter and the ends didn’t roll up any more. Also, thanks to the wires I didn’t have lots of pointy bits to look like picot edging where my pins had been. Success!

I’m really glad I bought this kit as I think it made the blocking process easier and the result was better than I could achieve with pins alone.

How do you block your work? Is there a trick that I am missing?



A Serendipitous Cowl

A long time ago I bought some 4-ply yarn from Tiger, mostly because I liked the colours – a bright turquoise and a variegated yarn with blues, greens and yellows. I didn’t really have a clue what I was going to do with it and hadn’t ever used yarn of this weight before so was eager to give it ago.

A few weeks ago, once the clocks went back I really wanted to make some gloves so I found a pattern that would use my yarn but it didn’t really work out and I couldn’t quite get into it on my double pointed needles (I think me and DPN’s don’t really get along too well!)

So the yarn went back in the stash until a couple of weeks later when I started to think about what to make my mum for her birthday. There was the phone cosy but I wanted to make something a little bigger and more special.

I decided on a cowl but couldn’t really find a pattern I liked that could use my yarn so I just decided to start knitting!

I got about 5 rounds in of alternating the two yarns by row before I noticed a twist in my cast on edge…I really struggle with this in knitting in the round thing as I find it hard to see what’s going on until I’ve knit a few rounds

Cast on Silverdale Cowl

Anyway, I decided to carry on anyway – hoping it would make a cool twist kind of like a moebius strip.

Guess what? It did!

I am really pleased with how it turned out and my mum really liked it too. I didn’t get chance to get any pictures of it on her, so you are just stuck with me and a coat hanger instead!

That’s all of my secret WIPs for now so I can get back on with fun things for me! Although with Christmas just around the corner I’m sure there’ll be a few more soon!


Wren Faire Winner!

An exciting little present arrived this week.

2015-11-14 13.09.23

Last week I discovered that I had won a copy of The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits thanks to Wren Faire, the celebration of the new Wren Dress by Colette. I had seen a few of them popping up all over the internet and one caught my eye over on Idle Fancy, it was a lovely dusty pinkish red and made me really want to be able to make one of my own. As I have never sewn with knit fabrics before this seemed like it might be a bit beyond my capabilities but now I have this book who knows what I might be able to conjure up!



This year I am taking part in #bpsewvember over on Instagram. It is organised by the lovely Amanda from Bimble and Pimble. Basically, there is a list of topics, one per day for the whole of November, that was announced on the Bimble and Pimble instagram feed:

Each day the topic is explained a little more by Amanda and then everyone posts pictures and short explanations or answers to the question. It’s really fun and a great way to find out about other sewers taking part. There are so many brilliant people out there and I only wish one day I could be half as talented as some of them. You should definitely check out the hashtag #bpsewvember if you want some sewing inspiration or just want to hang out with a group of really talented sewers for  while!

Also, you can check out my contribution on my Instagram feed.


Pinterest screengrab

Pinterest Inspiration: October

Sorry for the late post in my monthly Pinterest Roundup series. I probably sound a bit like a broken record at the moment but everything really is very busy at the moment. Decorating is well under way at the new house and I am now half way through my placement so my work will also be going back to normal after Christmas so hopefully then things will calm down a bit. For my October Pinterest roundup I would like to indulge in one of my guilty pleasures! Occasionally I get stuck in a bit of a Pinterest vortex and keep clicking through the related pins. This means that once I get stuck on a topic I can get lost for hours finding lots of pretty things to make. This month I got was caught in the trap of Big Bang Theory inspired crafts!

Here are some of my favourites:

Firstly this amazing cross stitch pattern featuring all of the gang! I love how you can immediately tell each character from their charicature despite the simplicity of the pattern.

Cross Stitch big bang theory

Still on the embroidery theme is this chart explaining the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Amazing.Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Finally, how adorable is amigurumi Sheldon!Amigurumi Sheldon

What have you been pinning this month? Why not add a link to your Pinterest account in the comments, I’d love to see what you’ve all been admiring!


textured phone cosy

Phone Cosy (aka Secret WIP reveal #1)

So, you might remember last week I mentioned I couldn’t really reveal too much of what I am working on at the moment as it is all for presents. Well, the first gift has been received (Happy Birthday for last week Mum) and so now I can reveal what it was.

crochet Phone Cosy

My mum wanted a new phone cover as hers had got stained a yellowish colour from the material inside her handbag. So I decided to make one from this yellow yarn I had in my stash so that if the same were to happen again it would not be too noticeable.

I decided to follow this pattern over on Ravelry to make a lovely texture using a mixture of single and double crochet stitches.

textured phone cosy I really like the stitch patterns it makes as it looks really intricate but at the same time was quite simple to make.

phone cosy

Hopefully it fits my mum’s phone nicely and if I get a move on with making more presents I will have some more things to show you very soon!