Innocent Big Knit

Each year Innocent smoothies run a promotion called the Big Knit where they raise money for Age UK by putting tiny hats on all of their smoothies and for each one sold they donate 25p to Age UK.

Age UK is a great charity who provide advice and help to the elderly across the UK.

I think the Big Knit is a really great idea as not only does it raise the profile of such a great charity it is a really fun and unique way of raising funds.

People, like me, who enjoy knitting can knit a bunch of tiny hats at virtually no cost to themselves. The tiny hats can be made from odds and ends of yarn from past projects and only take around 20 minutes to make and they are really simple too!

Also, the fact the smoothies have little hats on makes more people buy them, generating more money and also encouraging people to drink fruit-filled smoothies rather than fizzy drinks or something equally bad for you.

Anyway, now I hope I’ve convinced you all to buy a behatted smoothie when they come on sale in February I thought I would share with you some of my contributions to this cause!

I actually used the time spent knitting these hats to practice some skills I might want to use for future projects so many of my hats contained aspects of colour work or different stitch patterns.




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