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Pinterest Inspiration: Sewing Spaces

Pinterest inspiration is my place to show you what I’ve been falling in love with recently over on Pinterest. This is one of my favourite place for finding inspiration and I can easily loose a couple of hours pouring through all the beautiful things to make.

Sewing Spaces

Since we moved house I have  been eyeing up the spare room to turn into a crafting room. It gets lots of natural light and has plenty space to leave my sewing machine out all the time, which would make it much easier to sew in short bursts whenever I have a bit of spare time. Currently I have to clear the dining table and get the machine out of its box so having a permanent place for it would be amazing. This week I have been searching Pinterest for ideas about how to create my perfect sewing space. Here are some of my favourites!

First of all I really want a pegboard for storing all my tools on. Currently I have to rummage through my sewing box to find anything and when your mid seam and you get a snag you just need to be able to reach out and grab those thread scissors. This beautiful pegboard comes courtesy of  Fabric Paper Glue and is so much fun, I really love the added photoframe and plants to jazz up all that craft storage!




Look at all these jars!! I would love to be able to store all my buttons and beads and zips and everything else in a way that I can see them and know what I’ve got without having to rummage for hours. Displaying them like this also looks really cool – who needs art when you have supplies!





On a similar theme , I want to be able to display my fabric. I bought it all because I love the colours and prints so why not show them off! Also it would make it so much easier to know what I already have and hopefully prevent so many impulse fabric buys if I could see all that inspiration without having to go diving into boxes to find it! This tutorial on how to fold it all to fit your shelves should do just the trick.




You can find these and loads of other great ideas for planning a sewing space on my new Sewing Space Pinterest board. I cant wait to get to work on creating my perfect sewing space now!

Do you have a dedicated sewing space? I’d love to hear about it! How do you organise your tools and supplies? Do you prefer to have everything on show or tidied away neatly?


3 thoughts on “Pinterest Inspiration: Sewing Spaces

  1. ccmercer1982 says:

    Love all the images you have included and I also envy sewists who have a pegboard as they are so practical plus can look really cool & personalised. I use the dining room which is a nice light space but a room dedicated entirely to crafting sounds lovely.


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