My #VintagePledge


#Vintage Pledge is an exciting concept to get sewers making things from vintage patterns. It is hosted by the lovely A Stitching Odyssey and  Kestrel Makes. I think it’s a really great idea as there are so many patterns out there and it’s so easy to keep making new and exciting things but actually a lot of current fashion is based on previous trends so why not go back to those old patterns and give them a new lease of life?

Last year I really enjoyed seeing other peoples makes as part of this challenge and so I’m really excited to be taking part this year!

My #VintagePledge

During 2016, I, Helen of H’sHandcrafts, pledge to attempt to sew at least one vintage pattern.

Vintage PatternsI recently purchased some vintage patterns from eBay. I really like a lot of 80’s clothes and feel like in the right fabric many of the styles can feel modern. The patterns I purchased fit in really well with what I like to wear and so I was really excited to make some of them up for my Vintage pledge. However, when they arrived and I eagerly read the back of the packet and took the paper pieces out of the envelope I realised that I may have bitten off more than I could chew! Vintage patterns, or at least these ones were written for a time when sewing was a lot more common. They assume you know what you are doing and so there is no hand-holding when it comes to the instructions. So, I decided to be more realistic with my vintage pledge and decided to opt for attempting at least one. This is fairly realistic and I hope to be able to complete at least one garment to a standard I am happy with but I feel baby steps are the best way to make progress!

Want to keep track of my progress? Check out my Instagram feed for all the latest pictures!


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