Minerva Crafts Affiliate

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that I have recently become an affiliate of Minerva Crafts. This means that you might see some of my posts linking to their website. They are a UK based company and delivery in the UK is free if you spend just £20 which is pretty great. They stock all kinds of fabric, haberdashery supplies and yarn.

Now I really want to be clear on this, it doesn’t mean I will start bombarding you with advertising. It just means that if I like a product I am using and want to tell you about it I will include a link to where you can buy it – and if you click through that link to buy it yourself I will get a small percentage of the profit. So, it’s a win-win situation as you get to find out about a great product and I get a little bit of money to invest in more craft supplies to hopefully make this blog even better.

I promise I will always make it fully clear when I am posting affiliate links and so you will always have the option of navigating to them by a different means but if you do fancy investing in some of the goodies I tell you about it would be really nice of you to click through from this site.

Also, just to make things really clear I have added an “Affiliates” section to my sidebar –> so you will be able to click through to browse their goodies for yourself.



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