Pattern Search: Egg Cosies

Pattern Search is my new feature to highlight a future project I hope to be working on or a type of project I would like to start thinking about. I will browse through some potential options for patterns and where I have found them from.Hopefully, it will not only give me a chance to review my options for the project but also fill you with inspiration to work on something similar.

Egg Cosies


With Easter fast approaching it is time to start thinking about all things Easter related. This year at work we have each bee asked to decorate an egg along the theme of some of the work we do. This got me to thinking about how I could decorate an egg with knitting so I started searching Ravelry for eggs. I stumbled across a phenomenon I had never encountered before and discovered that egg cosies are in fact a thing! That’s right, you can knit a tiny hat (much like the innocent smoothie one) to keep your boiled egg warm!

There are plenty of Easter themed egg cosy patterns to choose from. Here are just some of my favourites

First up is this amazing bunny rabbit egg cosy complete with jumper in a colour of your choosing. The pattern, by Julie Williams,  is available for just £2.50 and would be the perfect treat for your boiled eggs on Easter morning!





If rabbits are not your thing, this crochet shark egg cosy is sure to impress! The pattern is also available on Ravelry and would definitely be a great talking point!



If you were beginning to think that egg cosies were just a great gimmick for Easter time, think again…you can even knit yourself a Santa hat egg cosy with this free pattern!






It seems like there is a world of amazing knitting and crochet patterns for egg cosies out there that I am only just discovering but I’m not sure it is a bandwagon I will be racing to jump on anytime soon. However, I do still need to decorate an egg for my work…not sure I’ll find any egg shaped patterns that look like grasses though…back to the drawing board I think!

Have you ever made an egg cosy? Which pattern did you use? or if you used one of the patterns above I’d love to hear your thoughts on it…just let me know if the comments below!

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