Starting again


After another busy week I promise I have lots of lovely things to show you but just no pictures as yet…stay tuned.

Instead I thought I would share some thoughts I’ve been having about starting projects again and whether it’s a good thing to do.

Sometimes I start a project but find its just not right for me. Obviously I love the pattern and yarn/fabric otherwise I would not have chosen to make it but sometimes I just can’t get into it.

My lacy cowl was one of these projects. I started it almost a year ago but just couldn’t cope with the lace work – I really had jumped in at the deep end.

The project sat in my basket for months and months and months and I just couldn’t bring myself to work on it because I just had a mental block about how hard it was going to be.

Starting again can sometimes seem daunting

Not only did I not want to work on it, I didn’t want to stop working on it either. Now this had me in a bit of a dilemma. I really loved the pattern and yarn so couldn’t bring myself to admit defeat but equally I don’t want to waste my precious crafting time working on a project I wasn’t enjoying.

After a lot of deliberation I ripped it out, wound the yarn up and started again. Once I had got over that initial step I felt much better about it and actually wanted to start again!

Following the success of my shawl just before Christmas I decided that perhaps I could knit lace after all and maybe it wasn’t going to be so bad this time so I cast on again and got to work.

6 rows of ribbing boredom later (320 stitches per row!!) and I was so keen to start on something more exciting and in fact the lace work was much easier this time!

I am taking this one slow and have used so many stitch markers but I am determined to make it work even if it takes me a while!

lacework take 2

Do you like to complete projects once you’ve started them or are you happy to abandon a project that’s not working for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I promise there is more coming soon!!

3 thoughts on “Starting again

  1. jem arrowsmith knits says:

    I feel your dilemma, it can be a tough choice to make when you have already invested so much time and effort into a half finished project to then frog it all. But knitting should be fun, so if something really isn’t working and you dread picking it up that’s when I think it’s time to frog and re-use the yarn for something you will enjoy :)

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  2. Georgia says:

    I recently started my first knitting project (a cable knit cushion cover) and was really frustrated cause I had to start over 3 times but now I’m so pleased I did! You definitely do feel better for it!

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  3. phoenixknitter says:

    I very rarely get my self to frog a project that’s been on the needles for a while. If I’ve just cast-on and it’s not right I will frog and try again. However, I have some nearly finished projects that are years old and probably should be ripped out, but I just can’t do it.

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