#MMMay16 Week Three Summary


We are now three weeks into me-made-may! Since the first of may I have been posting my daily outfit on Instagram in an attempt to give myself some accountability for my Me-Made-May pledge:

I, Helen of https://hshandcrafts.wordpress.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2016

I am still keeping up with this and have worn me-mades every day. This week I even managed two me-made outfits in one day! Although I am kind of making up for it with a pyjama day today (me-made PJs though, so I’m still counting it!)

Here is a summary of what I wore this week. Again it’s flat lays rather than daily selfies but if you want a composite of my daily selfies there is one over on instagram just to prove I did wear them all!



Last Sunday was another wear for my Chuck jumper. I really do love this jumper and cant wait to knit more chunky knits . They really are one of my wardrobe staples…bring on winter!




13256718_1725426201071739_1004807462_n13166797_787095318091527_1067551045_n 13269483_1738334476443670_769931112_nThis week at work I had to set up a big experiment which involved lots of digging and moving lots of soil around so I needed to be comfy and a skirt, dress or nice woven top just wouldn’t do it. This is my most recent make. A comfy sweater. You can read all about it soon in a post later this week. I wore it on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. By Thursday it was so dirty and well-worn that it was reduced to a pile on the floor with my muddy jeans!




Tuesday was also a day for getting muddy but it was just too warm for jeans so I wore some rtw cotton trousers and my Miette cardigan.






On Wednesday evening we went out to see a concert and so I could get changed out of my mucky clothes and put on my other Megan dress! I really love this dress. This might not be that obvious as this is the first wear of it as part of Me-Made-May but I just think of it as more of a winter dress really.



13249683_284355301930897_1972275479_nFriday saw the first wear of my LouLou dress. I am not quite convinced of the fit of this dress but the style is growing on me the more I wear it – especially when layered up with a cardigan and a scarf. The trim at the bottom just lends itself really well to lots of layers!




13266862_1118316721544040_1432164618_nFinally, today. Like I said it’s a pyjama day but I am rocking my Margot pyjamas from love at first stitch so the pledge is still going strong!





Remember you can keep up with my daily outfits and watch out for those sneaky selfies coming later over on instagram!

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