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I was listening to the PomPom Magazine podcast and heard them discussing their top crafting tools. One of their favourites was Scoubidous – “What are they?!?” I hear you cry … well I thought exactly the same thing – as I listened on it became apparent that they were a kind of plastic tie that kids were playing with a few years ago to make bracelets. I knew right then that these people were geniuses and they had stumbled upon a knitting revelation. They talked about how you could use these Scoubidous as stitch markers, stitch holders, scrap yarn and so much more. I have not yet got round to buying any but I am sure I will as the genius of this idea cannot be denied.

But what about loom bands?

Loom bands

These too were a craze a few years ago for kids to make bracelets out of..in fact if you are a parent I can bet you probably are still finding them scattered all over your house!  I I am totally honest this is what I thought the Pomcats were talking about when I first heard them discussing the Scoubidous. I was so enchanted with the idea that even when I discovered my mistake I still had to investigate and buy some anyway. I purchased a bag of 600 from Amazon for just £2.99! (There were some cheaper options but this was the best available on their prime service.

In one bag you can get a complete mixture of colours and this is just perfect for marking out different sections of your work. Right now I am working on the Anniversaire cardigan by Veera Välimäki, which is the most scrumptious cardigan with cables all over it. The only problem is that there are 4 different cable patterns on the back alone and so keeping track of them is proving a bit of a nightmare. However, now I have these magical loom bands I can separate each cable out between two “stitch markers” of the same colour and then, using my Knit Companion app I can just look to see if I have any actions flagged in that colour.

Anniversaire Cardi by HsHandcrafts

Knit Companion

For those of you who don’t already use Knit companion it is the most fantastic knitting app you will ever need. You just link it to your Ravelry account and boom! all of your library patterns are available on your phone. What’s more, you can add up to two coloured tracking bars to keep your place in the pattern. There are loads of counters down the side for keeping track or rows, stitch repeats and anything else you count whilst your knitting. Then comes my favourite feature – linked counters. These allow you to input any repeats or actions you need to do regularly throughout your knitting and then they get flagged up as you count your rows. For example, if you need to make a cable every 6th row you just plug that in and then as you progress your row counter it will just pop up at the bottom every 6th row to tell you its time to make that cable! Amazing or what?!?!

Linked counters Knit Companion

These are just a couple of my favourite knitting tools right now but I’d love to hear about yours too – do you have any gems to unearth and share with the knitting community…we’re all ears!


If you would like to keep up to date with my current makes and see the progress shots from my Anniversaire cardi head on over to Instagram! I’d love to connect and see what you’re making



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