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Sew Over It Online Course: Intro to Sewing with Knit Fabrics

Following on from last years Me-Made-May I decided I needed to stop sewing so many fancy dresses that would only get worn occasionally and start bulking up my me-made wardrobe with items that I could wear everyday. For me, this means comfy clothes that are smart enough to wear for work – the perfect solution? knit fabrics!

Sew Over It Online Course: Intro to Sewing with Knit Fabrics

Some of you might be aware that over the past four years I have been working towards my PhD and that at the end of last year I finished it and am now a doctor! Well, as part of that process I had to write a thesis (around 350 pages) and then defend it in a two and a half hour interview. Only then could I say I had passed. After I had finished writing the thesis and handed it in I was ready for a good break before I started my new job and had the interview to prepare for so I decided to take a week off and bought myself the online course on sewing with knits from sew over it as a fun thing to do in my new found free time!

In that first week after completing my thesis I worked through the whole course and had sewn my first version of each of the included patterns : the Emma dress and the Alice top. Since then I have sewn another version of each of the patterns. So I have definitely achieved my aim of bulking out my me-made wardrobe with comfy everyday clothes that are smart enough for work

The course starts out with a some tips on picking your fabric (the two patterns that are included require quite different fabric choices with different amounts of stretch and so this is a really useful starting point. I then went straight onto my first Emma dress which I made in a navy blue Ponte from Girl Charlee. The fabric was lovely to work with – it only has a small amount of stretch and so is quite easy to sew as it doesn’t need to much attention to prevent it stretching out.  

The instructions for the Emma dress were really clear and I whizzed through the first one in no time – even inserting an invisible zip in a stretch fabric! Something which sounds quite daunting but the instructions were so clear and before I knew it I had done it. Although, given the fact the fabric is stretchy I don’t think the dress really needed it and so I decided to omit it from my second version and I have no problems with getting it on and off so I think it is only really required if you choose a fabric with hardly any stretch.

I was so pleased with my first Emma dress I made a second straight away. For this dress I decided to risk straying from the instructions slightly and chose a lighter weight jersey, and omitted the zip – the dress has a lot less structure in the lighter fabric but I still really love the style of it and love the fit you can get with those princess seams (FBAs are so much easier!)

I then moved onto the Alice top. The construction of this top is really interseting as it has a lined bust panels and I must admit the first one I made I was convinced I had wrong until i turned everything through to the right side and miraculously it looked like a top! What I really love about this top is that the pattern comes with three different cup sizes so there was no need for me to make any adjustments.

The first Alice top I made (not pictured here) was in a blue diamond jersey from Girl Charlee – unfortunately the pattern was not on grain and so I decided to abandon all hope of lining it up anywhere and just went straight into cutting. Given the different panels on this top I don’t think it really matters as there is so much going on with the gathered centre front and separate panels. My second version is made in the softest grey jersey it is just the most comfy top ever!

This top is definitely a lot simpler to make than it looks and again the instructions are clear and easy to follow – I can see myself making a few more as it is a good work-wear staple and I have already have loads of people ask me where I bought it from (cue smug face when I tell them its handmade!)

The details:

Pattern: Sew Over It Intro to sewing with knits online course Emma dress and Alice top

Fabric: Navy ponte de roma, charcoal and black gingham, blue diamond jersey, soft grey jersey (all from Girl Charlee UK)

Notions:Invisible zip in the navy Emma dress, Gutermann thread

Alterations: Navy Emma dress size 12 with 0.5 inch FBA, Grey Emma size 10 with 1 inch FBA, Alice tops both size 8 with D cup

I can truly recommend this course, I had already sewn with knit fabrics before starting it and had really just bought it for the patterns that were included. This would definitely have been worth it if that were all I got from it as the patterns are really lovely but actually I learned quite a lot from the course. The instructions were super clear and I picked up a few handy tips along the way

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#2018MakeNine – My Sewing plans for 2018

#2018MakeNine – My Sewing plans for 2018

So far most of my sewing and fabric purchases have been spur of the moment acts of whimsy. This year I have decided it is time for that to change. In fact over the last few months I have made a concerted effort to focus my sewing on items I really want to wear and as such I have been working a lot with jersey (keep your eyes peeled for blog posts and Instagram pics of these makes coming soon).

This year I have decided to take part in the #2018makenine hashtag. I have selected nine makes I want to make throughout the year, I will then post about them hear and on Instagram in the hopes of having some accountability to stick to my plans.

Crazily enough I have been able to pick nine makes for which I already have the fabric and the pattern (or the pattern is free)! I have no delusions that I will stick entirely to this list but hopefully it will help me a little bit with some stash busting and remind me of some of the good intentions and sewing plans made wont be forgotten!

So here are my nine…

Colette Sorbetto

I have been looking for a basic woven top pattern for a while now and think the Colette sorbetto might just make the grade. It is a free pattern and so there is definitely no reason not to try it. I also have the perfect fabric laying in wait – a geometric print in blue from SewSewSew.


Jumpsuit trousers

I have made so many skirts and dresses and relatively few pairs of trousers, so much so that when I want a comfy pair of trousers to throw on at the weekend I have to turn to my pyjamas, which is fine most of the time but not when you need to leave the house! These trousers from the GBSB sewing book* look just the trick and I have some soft rayon in black with white polka dots from Sew Over It that will do just the trick – i’ll even match the model in the book!

Named agate*

 This is a cheeky easy win on my 2018makenine list as I already have the pattern* cut out and the fabric is on the way! I will be working on this for Minerva Crafts  in January and you will be able to find my review of the pattern on their blog soon after I have finished!

SOI Alice top

As I hinted at earlier I have been making a lot of knitted fabric clothes recently and I already have two of these gorgeous tops in constant rotation in my wardrobe so i definitely need to make at least one more this year. The top is part of the sew over it online course for sewing with knits which I took in the early Autumn. It is a great course and hopefully i will find the time to write a full post on it soon giving a review of the course and the included patterns!

Colette Moneta

Another knit fabric favourite! I already have two moneta dresses which get a lot of wear so another one for 2018 seems like a must – in fact i have some gingham jersey* from the Minerva crafts winter sale winging its way to me as I type this!

TATB Mimi Blouse*

I already have one of these blouses made up so another one should be a quick make as the pattern is all prepared – I really love the look of this blouse when I have seen them online but don’t really wear mine all that often. I think this is probably due to the lack of drape in the fabric so I am willing to give it another go and a second chance to win me over because on paper this one looks like a winner!

D&D Datura

This was another winner from 2017 – I bought the pattern in the Black Friday sale and have already made three! It is the perfect blouse to go with anything and the pattern is so versatile you would never even guess all three blouses were the same basic pattern. I have fabric for two more of these sat waiting to be stitched up, perhaps by the end of the year I will have a full weeks complement!

SOI Penny Dress

 When SOI released the Penny dress as part of their pdf club I snapped it up immediately, isn’t it just gorgeous – in fact I had to make it immediately but didn’t have the fabric or then inclination to make the full dress, so instead I hacked the pattern and made a cropped blouse instead but now I feel the time has come to give the full dress a whirl – I can see this working beautifully in black poly-cotton the perfect dress for any occasion!

Capri Trousers*

Finally, I need to tackle the fact that I don’t really like summer, it is too hot I don’t like having bare legs, and I am much happier in tights or jeans  – so much so I find myself wishing for Autumn to hurry up and arrive so that I can return to my winter wardrobe! Last summer I made a pair of these Capri pants and they did go someway to making the summer more bearable – i enjoyed that I was wearing trousers but made in a lightweight cotton they were comfortable when the temperatures rose (well, as much as they do in England!) So I think I will get another pair of these made and hopefully resolve some of the fit issues I had with the last one!

So there we have it, nine makes planned for 2018, hopefully I will make some, if not all, of them before the year is out!

I’d love to hear your sewing plans – or maybe you don’t have any? How do you decide what to make next?

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