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Phoebe dress by HsHandcrafts

Phoebe Dress Review – pattern from Sew Over It

The Phoebe dress from Sew Over It was released as part of the pdf club last year and I immediately snapped it up as a great option for work wear. As it is made with knit fabric it is also secretly super comfy. However, I didn’t get around to making one for a long time, partly due to having so many other things to make and partly because the fabric requirements had me stumped for quite some time – two different weights of knit fabric to be used together in the same outfit.

The pattern called for a metre each of a heavy weight knit for the skirt and a lighter weight drapy knit for the top. Once I had completed the intro to kits course from Sew Over It and I was a bit more comfortable with sewing with knits I felt more ready to make my selection. In fact, I had a metre of the Ponte used for my Emma dress left over. I picked a soft blue jersey from Girl Charlee to use for the top and got started!.


Phoebe Dress Review – pattern from Sew Over It

I actually really like this pattern – I love a pencil skirt but often find that when I tuck in a top I get horrible bulges around the waistline, particularly towards the end of the day when all my careful tucking has ridden up and scrunched around my waist (not pretty at all). This pattern removes that problem entirely by creating the illusion of a top neatly tucked in to a pencil skirt without any tucking in at all! In fact the gathering at the front makes it look like you have miraculously managed to get your top evenly spaced around your skirt in beautiful gathers!

Keyhole neckline

One feature that makes this pattern stand out for me is the keyhole neck feature on the back. I think without this the pattern would be rather simple and not really that notable but this neck feature is a nice finishing touch and makes it feel like a slightly more advanced make.

I found the sizing of the Phoebe dress to be pretty good for me. Like all Sew Over It  patterns I chose to make a size down compared to that given by the measurements as I generally find them to be a bit roomier than I would like and I think given the fitted style of this skirt that was a good choice. The loose fitting top means there was no need even for an FBA (full bust adjustment) which is pretty much a staple adjustment for me so it gets bonus points from me there – however, if you don’t have a full bust I would maybe choose to down size for the top.


The details:

Pattern: Phoebe dress from Sew Over It

Fabric: Dark blue Ponte de Roma and light blue jersey – both from Girl Charlee UK

Notions: A small blue button from stash for the keyhole closure, Gutermann thread

Alterations: None! (there’s a first time for everything)

I do really like the Phoebe dress pattern and think it will prove quite versatile. I probably could have chosen a drapier fabric for the top but I’m still not quite sure what I am looking for there.

My only reservation about this pattern is that whilst there are many advantages to it looking like separates whilst actually being a one-piece you don’t get the one benefit of being able to wash them separately

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HsHandcrafts Phoebe Dress


Plaintain T-shirt – free pattern review


Free to download pattern from deer & doe

The Plantain T-shirt is a free to download pattern from Deer & Doe so there is absolutely no reason not to give it a try. Given my new-found obsession with sewing with knits after completing the SewOverIt online course I was looking for a few good staple knit patterns and this one seemed to fit the bill.

It is a simple shaped t-shirt but with three different sleeve lengths and optional elbow patches it is so versatile I think it would fit into anyone’s wardrobe!


One of the defining features of this pattern is the elbow patches – now whilst they might not be to everyone’s taste I was enamoured and so excited that I could add a small patch of fabric from another make to this one – giving the whole outfit a feeling of cohesion! For this first version. I chose a fun triangle print fabric from Girl Charlee and paired it with remnants from a simple jersey pencil skirt I made a few months ago. It is not amazingly obvious in these pictures but the skirt is made in a black jersey that is SPARKLY!! So now i also have sparkly elbows!!

At first I wasn’t sure how I would get on with the fit of this T as I prefer my t-shirt fitted through the torso and this one is more of a swing style. However, after a few wears I am convinced and actually like that it is a bit roomier! I will obviously still stick to my tried and true silhouette most of the time but this is a good one to through into the mix to change it up every so often.

As this is a free pattern it is only available in pdf format – altogether it took me about 20 mins to print out, stick together and cut my chosen size – not bad at all considering what you are getting for free!

The details:

Pattern: Deer and Doe Plantain T – FREE

Fabric: Triangle print jersey from Girl Charlee and sparkly jersey from The Village Haberdashery

Notions:Guterman thread

Alterations: size 36 at shoulders up to 40 at bust(front) to 40 at hip


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Plantain T-shirt: The free sewing pattern that is worth every penny