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Free Tee Patterns Round Up

Hi everyone!
I am so sorry I have been very quiet for a long time but as some of you might know I have been unwell for a few months but I am starting to get a bit better very slowly – so its time to start thinking about sewing again!

For Christmas, my amazing parents got me the most wonderful gift I could imagine – a brand new Pfaff Coverlock machine!!

A picture of Helen's pfaff coverlock 3.0

To allow me to practice using this fabulous machine and ease myself gently back into sewing after a few months break I have decided that I will make myself some basic tees!

Because I am new to the world of overlocking and coverstitching I don’t want to break the bank on masses of new patterns so I have decided to stick to free pdf patterns, and it turns out there are A LOT to choose from. So here I have compiled a list of the free t-shirt sewing patterns I can find.

Over the coming weeks/months I will endeavour to make a few of these (I can’t promise I will get through them all) and let you know what I think. It’s time to find out if these free patterns are worth the investment(!)

Disclaimer: As there are so many free t-shirt patterns out there I have only included those here that are designed by an indie designer and are available as a pdf download. They should be designed to be made in a knit fabric. They must have some kind of sleeve option (so no tanks I’m afraid) and are designed for a female figure.

HsHandcrafts Reviews Free Tees

So here we go, listed below you will find the designers name and then the name of the free tee pattern. There is a link to each pattern included below (some of them are not marked as free but you can get discount codes for them in the pattern company’s Facebook group – all will be explained in the detailed reviews). As and when I review the patterns I will provide a link to the review here as well!

Bella Sunshine Designs – Reagan Raglan – Read my review here (38/50)

Blank Slate Patterns – Blanc T-shirt

Common Stitch – The Sparrow Tee

Deer and Doe – Plantain Tee

DIBY club – Anything but Basic Womens Tee

Ensemble Patterns – Greco Tshirt

Fancy Tiger Crafts – One Hour Top

Fine Motor Skills – Elise Tee

French Navy – The Stellan Tee  – Read my review here (31/50)

Glasshouse Patterns – Silene Tee

Grainline Studio – Hemlock Tee – Read my review here (35/50)

Greenstyle Creations – Green Tee – Read my review here (33/50)

Hallå – Agnes Swing Top

Hallå – Slim Dolman for women

Hallå – Stardust Top for women

iCandy Handmade – DIY fun summer tee

I Think Sew – Women’s T-Shirt

Itch to stitch – Uvita Top

Jalie – Yoko Square Roll-neck top

Laela-Jeyne Patterns – Mica T-shirt

Life Sew Savory – Women’s Raglan

Life Sew Savoury – Women’s fitted tee

Love Notions – Laundry Day Tee –  REad my review here (37/50)

Made For Mermaids – Women’s Paige Piko Top  – Read my review here (47/50)

Maria Denmark – Kimono tee

My Handmade Wardrobe – Simple Tee

Mood Sewciety – Lavender tee

Pattern Scissors Cloth – Galaxy t-shirt

Patterns For Pirates – Tulip Tee

Peekaboo Patterns – Adult Classic Sweatshirt

Peppermint Magazine – Jersey Top

Rebecca Page – Toronto Tee

Rebecca Page – Paris Party Top – Read my review here (22/50)

SecondoPiano – Basic InstincT – Read my review here (22/50)

Sewing Cake Patterns – The Tee

Striped Swallow Designs – Cloud 9 Tee

Tessuti – Mandy Boat Tee – Read my review here (34/50)

Tessuti – Monroe Turtle Neck

Tessuti – Our Fave Top

Winter Wear Designs – Cross Hem Tee

Like I said I will let you know when I have tried each of them and add a link to the review but in the meantime, I’d love to know if there are any you have tried already and what you thought – also please let me know if there are any I have missed and I will add them to the list!

Happy sewing!


p.s. If you want to keep up with my progress as I make these tees I will be using the hashtag #HSewsFreeTees over on Instagram so why not keep up with me there

EDITS: 8th Jan 2020 added Blanc t-shirt, Green tee, and Monroe turtle neck to the list. 9th June 2020 added the simple tee and the sparrow tee to the list, 2nd July 2020 added the Greco tshirt and our fave top to the list. 4th August 2020 added the silene tee, cross hem tee, women fitted tee, mica t-shirt, anything but basic womens tee, DIY fun summer tee, lavender tee, and galaxy t shirt to the list. 12th August 2020 added the Yoko pattern tothe list


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Free t-shirt sewing patterns. A round up by HsHandcrafts

24 free tees Sewing patteerns round up by hshandcrafts

Free t-shirt sewing patterns. A round up by HsHandcrafts

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Free T-shirt sewing patterns. A round-up of 24 free t-shirt sewing patterns