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Do you remember those safiya trousers I wanted to make on my birthday? I ran out of fabric and had a bit of a meltdown because I couldn’t make the special project I had planned for the special day. Well, the fabric arrived, I made the trousers, and I haven’t taken them off since! So here they are… 5-day worn Chambray safiya trousers, creases and all! They have everything you could need for an unusually warm April in the middle of a pandemic: light weight fabric and a wide leg to keep me cool, elastic waist to accommodate the unthinkable amount of cake I am eating, and massive pockets because everybody loves pockets! I lengthened the Pattern to be full length (4.5″) and shortened the crotch (1/4″,plus an extra 1/4″ of the centre front) . . . . . Pattern : safiya trousers from make it simple by @tillybuttons Fabric :Chambray from @minervadotcom #sewingsafiya #makeitsimple #makeitsimplebook #tillyandthebuttons #minervamakers #sewobsessed #sewyourown #sewingfun #sewsewsew #seamstresslife #isewlated2020 #b36w30h39 #isewlation #sewbedssewsafe #imakemyownclothes #diyootd #memadeeveryday #wearhandmade #fashionfeelsfabulous #sopbacturns30

I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish again the last couple of weeks but I’ve eventually written up the review of the laundry day tee by @lovenotions as part of my #HSewsFreeTees series on my blog! I made this tunic on my birthday to help me get over the disaster of not buying enough fabric to sew up the project I had been saving especially for that day. It was the perfect quick sew to bring my sew jo back and it makes for a wonderful working from home lockdown wardrobe – just throw it on over some leggings and voila! . . . . . #b36w30h39 #laundrydaytee #lovenotionspatterns #lovenotions #workingfromhome #workingfromhomewardrobe #stayhomeandsew #isewlation #sewbedssewsafe #quarantinecouture #sewcialdistancing #sewobsessed #sewyourown #sewingfun #sewsewsew #seamstresslife #diydressmaker #sewingismytherapy #mywonderfulworldofsewing #imakemyclothes #imakemyownclothes #diyootd #memadeeveryday

Free Tee Review: The Laundry Day Tee by Love Notions

Who’s ready for another free tee review? I know its been a while since the last one but my sew-jo came back and i’d been tucking in to some meatier sewing projects after a long break due to illness. However, now we are all in lockdown and working from home is the new normal I have realised that comfy clothes are going to be my go-to wardrobe for the foreseeable future and lets face it in times like this we all need to find comfort where we can – so I whipped up a new free tee and now I can let you all know what I thought!

To recap, I am hoping to get through as many of the free tee patterns as possible (you can find the full list here) and let you know what I think of them. For each tee pattern, I review I will look at 4 different aspects of the pattern: the options available (including different looks and size ranges), how easy it is to get hold of the pattern, printing and assembling the pdf, and the instructions/construction. For each of these four categories, I will give the pattern a score out of ten. I will also give a score out of ten for my version of the pattern (including thoughts on the fit and overall impressions). So in total, each tee will get a score out of 50 making it really easy to compare these patterns.

The Laundry Day tee is semi-fitted at the bust with a flare at the bottom and has set-in sleeves. Love Notions are another new-to-me pattern company so I love that they have a free pattern available to try them out!

Options available 10/10

The Laundry Day Tee (updated version from January 2020) comes with three neckline options- scoop, v-neck & cowl as well as five sleeve lengths- tank, short, elbow, 3/4 and long. You also get to choose from a regular tee shirt length, tunic length & dress. The tunic and dress lengths have an optional high/low hem. This means there is a whopping 75 different combinations possible from this one pattern! There are also 9 different sizes available (overbust size 31″-55″) all available both with and without a full bust adjustment included (for those whose full bust is 4″ or more bigger thant their overbust).

Getting hold of the pattern 5/10

You need to add the laundry day tee to your shopping cart. first. You then need to join the Love Notions Facebook group (they are really quick to approve new members, although you may need to wait a little while). In the announcements section of the Facebook group you can find a discount code. Just copy that code into the coupon code box at checkout. You then need to fill in your billing address but no need to add any payment information. You can then choose to download either the print at home file or the copy shop print file.

Printing and assembling the pdf 3/10

There is a set of instructions listing only the pages you need to print for each version. It is good to stick to this as the pattern comes with two different sets of sizing (one standard and one with an FBA included). So if you print the whole lot you will get both of these for all sizes available as well as all the instructions and that’s a lot of paper!

The pages are no trim which saves a lot of time you just line the edge of one page up with a line on the next and stick it down. You do need to be careful that there are two different lines you could line up with – a solid line if you have printed on letter paper or a dashed line if you print on A4 paper (like me!). The only thing that i found a little confusing when sticking together this pdf is that the pages are numbered rather than given coordinates (eg B3 indicating the second column third row). This means you do need to pay attention to where the pages go when sticking them together by following the plan in the instructions rather than just jumping straight in.

Note: After assembling the pattern I realised something had gone wrong with the vertical alignment. All of the pages in each row were aligned nicely but there was a jump in between each row. I trimmed the bottom off each page and it lined up nicely so be warned – i don’t think this pattern truly is a “no trim” pattern.

Instructions and construction 9/10

The instructions in this pattern are nice and clear with line drawings to guide you. The drawings make it super clear which is the right/wrong side of the fabric and where exactly stitching lines should go. There is also some brief instructions for lengthening and shortening as well as a link to a nursing hack.

Sometimes you just have to twirl!

Final Impressions 10/10

This isn’t my usual style of t-shirt – I usually go for something much lass flared and tend to avoid the tunic length but I have already worn this so much since I made it. It is the perfect throw-on garment for during this lockdown! I made the tunic length with a scoop neck and 3/4 sleeves and tend to just throw it on over a pair of leggings and it is the most comfy outfit without looking too much like pyjamas. The fabric is a cotton jersey but it is very thin so I’m not sure how much I will wear it out of the house but for now that is not a problem!! I really love the FBA included in the pattern and it actually fits me really well, it is a little loose but it is in keeping with the style.

Total score 37/50

Thanks for reading this review of the Laundry day tee. If you want to know how this compares to some of the other free tee patterns out there be sure to check out my other reviews and the full list of free tee patterns available that I hope to conquer over the next few months!

Have you sewn up the Laundry Day tee? What did you think of it?


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