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This last month has been a time for a lot of thinking. There is a lot going on in the world at the moment that we can’t do anything about so moving forward I will be trying not to focus on those things and instead think about the little things that I can do. I have really enjoyed my slow sewing project and focusing all my energy on one big project that involves new skills – I am barely half way through making my coat after a whole month but it has brought me just as much joy as if I had made 5 or 6 quick makes! I have switched our my regular shampoo and conditioner for bar shampoo – no more single use plastic bottles in my bathroom! This is a tricky transition as my hair will take a while to get used to it but now is a great time to do it whilst all my meetings are online and nobody can really see the status of my hair! If you’re interested in this I’m saving all the info to a story highlight. I have also used this month to try out the 333 project where I have selected 33 items to wear for 3 months. There’s more on my thoughts on that in my previous post but it’s definitely something I can see myself continuing with moving forward. So all that’s left is to thank the @newcrafthouse ladies for hosting #sewyourselfsustainable and to remember that whilst we may have all spent this month focusing on sustainability it will not and should not end here! Image description: Helen is looking up and to the right quizzically. She stands in front of a blue curtain and only the top part of her face is in the frame @pfaffuk #333project #capsulewardrobe #ltsdreamwardrobe #dreamwardrobe #autumnwardrobe #fallwardrobe #handmadewardrobe #slowsewing #coatmaking #barshampoo #naturalshampoo #sustainablesewing #sewyourselfsustainable #reducereuserecycle #sustainability

As part of this years #sewyourselfsustainable organised by @newcrafthouse I decided to try out the 333project with my wardrobe. I chose 33 items that I would wear for 3 months. So what have I learnt so far? Actually, it makes getting stressed really easy, I deliberately picked things that all go with one another and I am discovering new combinations that I have not paid together before. This morning I pulled out this black dress and grey knitted top and love this whole new outfit I don’t think I would have put together otherwise. I did make one mistake when selecting my 33 items though… I hadn’t really thought about how cold autumn was and my original choices only included a couple of cardigans and this jumper so I swapped in another jumper and a cardigan in exchange for a skirt and a pair of trousers that I haven’t worn yet since starting. The second thing I’ve learnt is how few clothes I actually need. I’ve said time and again that I only make clothes that I love and will want to keep wearing forever but I’m starting to think I should expand that to only clothes I will love and that I need… Whether that’s need in the physical sense or in the sense of my mental health need to make something remains to be seen! Dress: Ashton top by @helens__closet hacked to have a gathered skirt. Fabric is a story cotton lawn gifted by @minervadotcom in exchange for a blog post Knitted tee: ginkgophyte pattern by @emilygreeneknits published in @pompommag knitted in @dropsdesign puna yarn Image description: Helen is wearing a black dress with a gathered skirt and a grey knitted tee #ashtontop #ashtontophack #ginkgophyte #ppq #b36w30h39 #measurementsmovement #333project #capsulewardrobe #ltsdreamwardrobe #dreamwardrobe #autumnwardrobe #fallwardrobe #handmadewardrobe #whativelearned #tuesdaythoughts #sustainablesewing #sewyourselfsustainable #fashionrevolution

Hat weather is finally here! I knitted this hat last September in the first few days when I was unwell, it was the perfect project as the bright colours and fun pattern cheered me up but I never got to wear it as I was unwell all winter and never really left the house, especially when it was cold! I am now feeling a lot better (still not ๐Ÿ’ฏ) and the hat finally got its first outing! Pattern: January hat by @kelbournewoolens Yarn: #cascade220superwash Image description: Helen is wearing a knitted hat. It is bright turquoise and has a large diamond motif made of bobble and moss stitches #hatknitting #knittersofig #knittersofravelry #knittersgonnaknit #knitstagram #knitspiration #knitknitknit #knitsharelove #yarnaddict #iloveyarn #yarnhoarder #yarnlove #hatweather

It’s time to share our ‘other crafts’ for #sewyourselfsustainable by @newcrafthouse! Assuming that sewing is the main craft then knitting is my ‘other’ craft. I also dabble in embroidery, crochet, and a few others but I love to knit and have recently been making great progress on this marled magic shawl. It is the perfect thing to share for this challenge because of its scrap busting potential. It is all knit holding two strands together and they are changed out periodically to create this wonderful marled effect ๐Ÿ’™ Pattern: marled magic by @westknits Yarn: all the odds and ends from my stash Image description: a close up of a piece of knitted moss stitch with stripes of changing colours in shades of blue, white and grey with occasional flashes of yellow and red #marledmagic #marledmagicshawl #westknits #westknitsarethebestknits #othercrafts #stashbuster #stashbusting #yarnstash #yarnhoarder #yarnlove #iloveyarn #yarnstagram #knittersofig #knittersgonnaknit #knitstagram #knitspiration #knitknitknit #knitsharelove

A pet peeve of mine is people wearing dark coloured winter coats in the dark (and if it’s winter is going to be dark). So, despite this being my first me made coat, I’ve already gone off – piste! Instead of cutting the back on the fold, I’ve added in seam allowances and cut it as 2 pieces. I then made some piping from a silver reflective woven and added that into the seam. So although my winter coat is a dark colour it now has a bright Reflective strip all the way down the centre back! Boucle fabric gifted by @minervadotcom in exchange for a blog post Reflective fabric bought from @helloreflectives Image description: a black and blue boucle coat fabric with a piped seam running down the centre. The piping is made from silver reflective material #minervamakers #helloreflectives #helloreflectivesprize #boucle #HSewsACoat #roadsafety #seemecoming #seemegoing #soicocooncoat #icanhackit #canyouhackit #patternhack #sewingrebel

It’s hard to say what my most worn make is but it would definitely be one of my basics. Those clothes I reach for every day, that all pair with each other. You can just grab them from the wardrobe and throw them on without much thought,but somehow still feel put together. This morning those clothes were my black and white microstripe tee (the stripes don’t photograph very well at all!) and some skinny jeans Patterns: Peak tee by @thatwendyward and SOS pants by @patternsforpirates Image description: Helen is standing in a dining room wearing a black and white striped tree and blue skinny jeans. She has one hand in her pocket. #sewyourselfsustainable @newcrafthouse #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #peaktshirt #peaktee #sewingwithknits #beginnersguidetoknittedfabrics #sospants #p4psospants #patternsforpirates #333project #myhandmadewardrobe #mostwornmakes #millennialsewing #imakemyownclothes #diyootd #memadeeveryday #wearhandmade #diyfashion #handmadeclothes #handmadeclothing #handmadewardrobe

As you might have guessed from yesterday’s post, my current mind set is about scaling back and not always craving more, more, more! So with that in mind for todays @newcrafthouse #sewyourselfsustainable I will not be identifying any gaps in my wardrobe that “need” filling – I have plenty of things. Instead I am focusing on myself and thinking about gaps in my sewing skillset! For a while I have been wanting to make a coat. I set out lots of plans for it last year in fact, but then I got ill and it never happened. So this year I decided to start early. I really wanted to slow down and take my time to learn and enjoy the process. I started making this coat 2 weeks ago. I’ve printed the pattern, stuck it together and cut out my main fabric, lining, and interfacing. I have also fixed the interfacing to the right pieces. That might not seem like a lot of progress in 2 weeks but it has been really good to slow down, take my time and really put my heart into every step of the process (not just the super fun bits!) You can expect to see a lot more of this project over the coming weeks, I think it’s going to be a long haul! Blue /black boucle fabric gifted by @minervadotcom in exchange for a blog post. Blue lining fabric from my stash Image description: Helen is holding a pile of fabric pieces ready to make a coat. The fabric is a blue/black boucle and a blue lining fabric. #coatmaking #imakemyownclothes #millennialsewing #slowsewing #slowfashionmovement #sewobsessed #sewyourown #sewingfun #sewingismytherapy #projectcoat #HSewsACoat #minervamakers #soicocooncoat #p4ptimelesstunic

I took a couple of days off from #sewyourselfsustainable as the overwhelm was getting a bit much but I am back in full swing for todays wardrobe audit! I have been feeling a bit uninspired by my wardrobe lately and so I decided it was time for an overhaul. I had a good clearout and put all the out of season stuff away. I also made a pretty big pile of clothes that need altering, mending or repurposing. I think part of the problem is that I always reach for the same things, and particularly during lockdown I’ve shied away from some of my nicer clothes in favour of comfier outfits. In an attempt to rectify this I am going to try a 333 approach for a while and see how I get on. I have picked out 33 items and these will be all I wear for the next 3 months. I hope that this will be an exciting way to find new combinations from my favourites and also bring a renewed feeling of excitement at getting “new clothes” when I swap some items out next season. Image description:Helen is standing in front of an open wardrobe. She is reaching up to pull out a blue tee. The rest of the clothes are all shades of black, blue, grey and orange #333project #capsulewardrobe #ltsdreamwardrobe #dreamwardrobe #autumnwardrobe #fallwardrobe #handmadewardrobe #memadewardrobe #imakemyownclothes #diyootd #wardrobeaudit #fallcloset #memadeclothes #mycapsulecollection

Repairing is something I’ve been trying to do a bit more of recently. So for todays #sewyourselfsustainable prompt I was going to share some of my repairs with you… They are in the background of this photo but seeing as the postman arrived today with this new book it had to take centre stage. I love following @visiblemend on Instagram so when I saw her book was coming out I had to order it! I have already read the first 2 chapters and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in sustainability and fashion. Some of the info in there is pretty shocking (and I consider myself as pretty clued up on these things) and It’s not just about mending although there is plenty of that too :) Image description : a book called mend by Kate Sekules is lying on top of some jeans (which are patched up and covered in sashiko) and a cardigan (which has some duplicate stitching to mend a hole). Next to the book lies a darning mushroom and stitch holder. @newcrafthouse #visiblemending #makedoandmend #fixit #makedontbuy #sashiko #fashrev #fash_rev #fashionrevolution #imademyclothes #sustainablesewing #sewyourselfsustainable #reducereuserecycle #sustainability #reuse #refashion #upcycle #oldclothes #mend #menditation #mendfulness

Of course masks are everyone’s go – to for using up off cuts of fabric right now but I can’t resist making a hairband or scrunchie every now and again. I’ve also made a whole lot of reusable face wipes and fabric pen pots with my wovens as well as making knickers with my jersey offcuts. There really are loads of options… So I feel completely justified in hoarding all of my scraps! Fabric head band made from scraps from my latest @minervadotcom project (to be revealed soon!). The fabric was gifted in exchange for a blog post. Image description: Helen is looking into the camera and smiling. She is wearing an orange fabric head band with a bow, a blue dress, and colourful glasses #sewyourselfsustainable @newcrafthouse #fabricscraps #fabricoffcuts #stashbuster #fashrev #sustainablesewing #fash_rev #fashionrevolution #imademyclothes #reducereuserecycle #sustainability #reuse #refashion #upcycle #useeveryscrap #gifted #sewistswhoselfie