My top nine posts based on your likes! Only 5 were made this year and I’m not sure this really reflects my favourites (except for the coat!) It’s been a tough year and I’ve not done nearly at much sewing as I would have liked. In fact, I’ve often found it super frustrating to have all of these ideas in my head but I’ve not had the energy to be able to make anything. So when I have felt well enough to sew I’ve made sure it counts. I’ve slowed down and really put the effort in to make sure I love each and every stitch! Images left to right top to bottom are 1) safiya jumpsuit from make it simple by @tillybuttons, 2) tabitha dress from make it simple by @tillybuttons, 3) sparkly Christmas dress (separates) wiggle top by @patternsforpirates, 4) sashiko jeans mending, 5) x factor crop and peg legs by @patternsforpirates, 6) kinder cardigan by @thatwendyward worn with sos pants by @patternsforpirates and an ogden cami by @truebias, 7&8) mira dress by @fibremood, 9) cocoon coat by @sewoveritlondon Ad: Fabrics used in images 3 and 9 were previously given to me by @minervadotcom in exchange for blog posts Image description: a collage of the nine most liked photographs by @hshandcrafts from 2020 #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #minervamakes #minervamakers #sewingsafiya #sewingtabitha #makeitsimplebook #tillyandthebuttons #p4pwiggle #sashiko #visiblemending #xfactorcroptop #p4pxfactor #p4ppeglegs #kindercardigan #ogdencami #sospants #fibremoodmira #miradress #soicocooncoat #sewoverit #topnine2020

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