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My finished knitting projects are a bit like buses, none for ages and then 3 come at once! In addition to my snuggly cable cardigan and my massive marled shawl that I showed you in the last couple of weeks the other knitting project I finished recently is this strathcona sweater. I decided that as Christmas was going to be a bit different this year I would choose a simple cosy project that I could curl up with and work on exclusively over the festive period. I bought this super chunky yarn and some glittery needles to make it feel a bit more festive! The pattern knits up very quickly and despite my total lack of energy I finished it in just a few weeks! Pattern: strathcona sweater by @good_night_day with lengthened sleeves (I added extra decreases before the sleeve cuffs to cinch them in) Yarn: James C Brett Rustic Mega Chunky from @woolwarehouse Image description: Helen is wearing a super chunky pullover in a marked black andwhite yarn. She had one hand to her hair and the other down to her side #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #strathconasweater #heckyeahcheapyarn #goodnightdayknits #chunkyknit #superbulkyyarn #superchunkyyarn #sweaterknittersofinstagram#KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram #touchyourhair

For those of you that saw my stories earlier you will know that I made a bit of a mistake on this honey striped hat. I forgot to slip the grey stitches across on this third section of honeycomb and so instead of lovely little hexies I just had yellow stripes. To fix it I took the needles out and threaded them in a few rows down at the last correct point. I then frogged the incorrect rows and reknitted it in the correct pattern. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘frogged’ it’s one of my favourite knitting terms and it refers to the sound a frog makes – “rippit rippit” as you rip out the stitches! 🐸 Now I’ve fixed it again im really excited to finish this hat as its super fun! Pattern : honey striped hat by @westknits Image description: a half knitted hat in grey and yellow. The grey firms a hexagon pattern sitting on top of a yellow striped background. • • • #HoneyStripedHat #WestKnits #Hiberknitalong #Hiberknitalong2020 #grellow #frogged #ripit #knittinginspiration #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram

Well I certainly didn’t manage to finish my zero waste gather dress for #FeelingSewMuchBetterDay7 with @sistermintaka but i have loved taking part. I have a bodice and skirt with side seam pockets but I still need to gather the skirt, join it to the bodice add the neck /button band and hem so I would say I’m half way there. I’m really loving working with this fabric, I love the elephants and there is so much depth to the greens and gets. It is a lovely weight viscose perfect for a transitional wardrobe as it had a bit of weight to it yet still had a lovely drape. Can’t wait to get this one finished! AD fabric gifted by @minervadotcom In exchange for a blog post Image description: a close up of the lady mcelroy viscose with elephants on the design. On top of the fabric is a tape measure and hem gauge #FeelingSewMuchBetter #ZWGatherDress #ZeroWasteGatherDress #MeMadeZeroWaste #ZeroWasteDress #BirgittaHelmersson #BirgittaHelmerssonPatterns #ZeroWastePattern #SewcialistsZeroWaste #LadyMcElroy #minervamakes #minervamakers #SewingProcess #SlowSewing

I didn’t manage anything again yesterday (except for plenty of naps!) but today I have sleeves!! There’s no closure or neckband on this yet so it’s not sitting quite right but I really like the style even though I accidentally cut the sleeves narrower than intended. Fingers crossed for me with my #FeelingSewMuchBetter project, not sure I’ll be able to finish tomorrow! #FeelingSewMuchBetterDay6 with @sistermintaka Image description: Helen is wearing a half sewn bodice with loose fitting sleeves. The sleeve is the focus of the photograph and only the torso is in shot. Pattern:zero waste gather dress by @birgittahelmersson Fabric: AD lady mcelroy viscose given by @minervadotcom in exchange for a blog post #ZWGatherDress #ZeroWasteGatherDress #MeMadeZeroWaste #ZeroWasteDress #BirgittaHelmersson #BirgittaHelmerssonPatterns #ZeroWastePattern #SewcialistsZeroWaste #slowfashionmovement #b36w30h39 #SlowSewing #SewingProcess

I am so grateful to @sistermintaka for yesterday’s #FeelingSewMuchBetter prize. It has been a really tough week for me and taking part in this little sewing challenge had been just the dose of normality I needed. In contrast to yesterday, today I have made a tiny bit of progress by applying the neck facing and adding a label. I just love the little details that have to be so carefully planned out in a zero waste pattern. This neck facing is constructed using the small wedge semi circle that is cut out of the back neck to give the neck shaping. It adds a bit of reinforcement to the back neck and makes for the perfect spot to add a label! Pattern: zero waste gather dress by @birgittahelmersson Fabric: AD Lady McElroy viscose given to me by @minervadotcom in exchange for a post Label: one of a kind by @kylieandthemachine Image description: a half constructed dress bodice lies on a grey cutting mat. The dress is made from a dark green and black elephant print fabric. At the centre back neckline is a semi circle facing with a label attached. The label is cream and says ‘one of a kind’. #FeelingSewMuchBetterDay4 #ZWGatherDress #ZeroWasteGatherDress #MeMadeZeroWaste #ZeroWasteDress #BirgittaHelmersson #BirgittaHelmerssonPatterns #ZeroWastePattern #SewcialistsZeroWaste #kylieandthemachine #SlowSewing #SewingProcess #putalabelinit #LadyMcElroy #minervamakes #minervamakers

Ironically, I’m not feeling well enough for any sewing for #FeelingSewMuchBetterDay3 with @sistermintaka but i did realise I never shared my finished marled magic shawl! This was the perfect scrap busting project. The whole thing is knitted holding 2 strands of yarn together and you can change colours as often as you like so it’s perfect for using up all of those odds and ends that just aren’t big enough for a while project. Lucky for me I have a very cohesive colour palette when it comes to yarns. The fact that everything I knit is pretty much on the blue/grey/cream spectrum really played in my favour here! This shawl is absolutely massive as I decided to use a mix of fingering and dk yarns instead of the recommended fingering and sock! I’m actually snuggled up in it right now and think I’ll be using it as more of a blanket than a shawl – it’s perfect for taking the chill off working from home! Pattern: marled magic shawl by @westknits Image description : the image has 2 panels. On the left Helen is stood side on to the camera, she is wearing a blue /grey/cream Striped shawl over her shoulders. On the right, Helen is stood facing the camera she is holding the shawl diagonally across her front with outstretched arms. The shawl reaches from the highest point Helen can reach all the way to the floor. #marledmagic #marledmagicshawl #westknits #westknitsarethebestknits #stashbuster #scrappyshawl #shawlknitter #knitshawl #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram #KnitFastDieWarm #KnitLove #SlowFasion #KnittedBlanket

I really love the idea of a zero waste pattern. These selvedges are all I have left after cutting it my dress! I always keep my scraps with good intentions of using them up some time, but I’m not sure when that time will come! So to be able to create a whole garment work zero waste seems amazing to me. The patten I am following actually even accounts for using the selvedges but I chose to cut them off as they are really fluffy on this fabric and so would have made it really hard to get my measurements right. Image description: Helen is holding out a small pile of fabric scraps @sistermintaka #FeelingSewMuchBetter #feelingsewmuchbetterday2 #ZWGatherDress #ZeroWasteGatherDress #MeMadeZeroWaste #ZeroWasteDress #BirgittaHelmersson #BirgittaHelmerssonPatterns #ZeroWastePattern #sustainablesewing #SlowSewing #SewingProcess #scraps #selvedges #sewyourselfsustainable #slowfashionmovement #fashionrevolution

If 2020 taught me anything it is to appreciate the process. Lockdowns aside, my ongoing health issues have meant I have been unable to get out and about as much as I’d like to so I’ve been truly thankful for all the stay-at-home hobbies I love. However, I can’t even really do as much of those as I’d like and so I am learning to savour the process. To slow down, and enjoy the planning as much as the making. Last year was the first time I had kept any sort of log of my makes (other than instagram posts!) and I really loved being able to look back at the end of the year and see my progress and what I’d learnt. It also came in really useful when I wanted to repeat a garment to have a document of all the alterations I’d made and what worked well and what went wrong. So this year I have decided to go the whole hog! I bought this beautiful notebook from to plan and document my makes and purchased my very own croquis that is true to my measurements from @mybodymodel I’m hoping that this will prove to be the perfect way to scratch that sewing Itch when I don’t have the energy to get up and sew! So here is my first work-in-progress for 2021. I am planning a zero waste gather dress (pattern by @birgittahelmersson ) using Lady McElroy viscose. I’m going to try and keep sharing updates with you this week as part of #FeelingSewMuchBetter with @sistermintaka Image description: an open notebook is on a wooden table. The notebook is full of notes about a sewing project. They’re is a coloured drawing of Helen wearing a zero waste gather dress and beside it are some ideas of how to alter the pattern. Beside the notebook is a cup of tea and a potted succulent #FeelingSewMuchBetterDay1 #SewingPlanner #MyBodyModel #FashionSketching #FashionDrawing #BulletJournal #ZWGatherDress #zerowastesewing #b36w29h39 #croquis #measurementsmovement #SketchAndSew #FashionIllustration #MyBodyModelStyle #SlowSewing #SewingProcess #SewingSketch

So here’s the front view of my Anniversaire cardi. I just love the squishy honeycomb cable, its so yummy! Of course this special project needed some special buttons and these ones from @pigeonwishes.shops were the perfect match! Pattern: Anniversaire cardigan by @veerarain from @pompommag #ppq21 Yarn: @dropsdesign #dropslima Dress: ashton top by @helens__closet made in a swiss dot cotton previously given to me (AD) by @minervadotcom in exchange for a blog post Image description: a close up of Helen’s torso. She is wearing a grey cabled cardigan. The cable motif resembles honey comb. The cardigan has large grey and brown speckled resin buttons. Under the cardigan Helen is wearing a loose fitting black dress. #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #ppq21 #pompommag #anniversairecardigan #anniversairecardi #knittersofinstagram #handknit #pigeonwishes #buttons #cableknitting #minervamakes #minervamakers #helenscloset #helensclosetpatterns #ashtontop #youcanhackit #swissdot #handmadewardrobe #iloveknitting #dropsyarn #knittinginspiration #knittersofig #knitstagram #shareyourknits #knitlife #slowknitting #cosycardigan

Since I finished my coat in the autumn I haven’t had much opportunity to wear it out but the few occasions I have worn it I had found myself holding it closed. I didn’t want to spoil the aesthetic of the coat by adding buttons as I think I will wear it open (as intended for this design) in the spring and summer. My plan was to add some black sew in poppers that would be invisible when done up and barely visible when worn open. When I opened my #secretsewingswap parcel from @slow_stitching and the perfect poppers were inside I knew what I had to do! So my new years eve was spent in my pyjamas on the sofa hand sewing poppers into my Handmade coat! And this morning I managed to drag my achy fatigued body out of the house for a 10 minute new years day walk to take it for a spin! Pattern: cocoon coat by @sewoveritlondon Fabric: AD blue boucle from @minervadotcom Image description: Helen is stood in a frosty park. She is wearing a blue boucle coat, a big teal knitted hat and matching crochet cowl. She had her hands in her pockets and a half smile on her face. #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #soicocooncoat #soishowoff #sewoverit #minervamakes #minervamakers #handmadewardrobe #handmadecoat #sewdisabled #sewingismytherapy #sewingismyselfcare #winterwardrobe #diyootd #memadeeveryday #sewing