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I’ve had my eye on the positivity shawl patten by @sosuknits for a very long time and I have finally decided to give it a go! These are the yarns I will be using. The black is @cascadeyarns Heritage sock yarn and the variegated is sock yarn dyed by @floof.fibre on her mabon colourway. They are both merino nylon blend and will hopefully work really well together! I do think I may be a little bit crazy though – making my first proper attempt at brioche knitting in a black yarn ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Image description: Helen is holding two skeins of yarn. On the left is a black skein of sock yarn and on the right is a variegated skein in shades of black, dark blue, orange and green. #Floof #FloofFibre #Positivity #PositivityScarf #PositivityShawl #SosuKnits #IndieYarn #Handdyed #HandDyedYarn #BriocheKnitting #CascadeHeritage #CascadeHeritageSock #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram #yarnlove

Time for all the details on my ZW Gather dress ๐Ÿ‘€ The dress is the zero waste gather dress by @birgittahelmersson. It is a zero waste pattern, which means there are no scraps left over after you cut the pattern. The pattern calls for 3m of fabric and uses every single inch! I, however decided on a few changes and so my version used 2.1m leaving me with 90cm of this lovely viscose for another top. So, here are the alterations I made to the pattern: – I lengthened the bodice by 1.5 inches to bring it down to my natural waist. – I shortened the skirt by 8.5 inches – I added waist ties to help hold the weight of the skirt at my waist and to allow me to give it a bit more shape at the waist. I cut the waist ties across the full width of the cloth at 1.5 inches wide. – I removed the fabric selvedges, although the pattern doesn’t require it – I cut the sleeves 3.75 inches narrower, which due to the magic cutting layout gave me bigger pockets! AD (Fabric given by @minervadotcom in exchange for a blog post) The fabric is a @ladymcelroyfabrics viscose with a dark green leafy print with elephants! It had a lovely depth of colour and loads of detail in the print. It is lovely and strait but has a decent weight to it making this a lovely dress for pairing with tights and a cardi for the winter but it will also take me right through the spring too! Image description: Helen is wearing a dark green dress with an elephant print. It has a large gathered skirt. She has her hands in her pockets and is looking down #ZWGatherDress #ZeroWasteGatherDress #MeMadeZeroWaste #ZeroWasteDress #BirgittaHelmersson #BirgittaHelmerssonPatterns #ZeroWastePattern #SewcialistsZeroWaste #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome#b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #ladymcelroy

โš  Warning! Long personal comment coming up โš  I have been struggling with my health for the last 15 months and in January I finally received a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME). Dealing with a new diagnosis and learning to manage my chronic fatigue has meant I’ve had to change my lifestyle completely. The best thing for me is to pace my activities and make sure to rest often. I have found that I can manage no more than 20minutes of an activity before needing a rest and can only complete 3 of these 20 minutes per day for the moment. This means that my sewing time is limited to only a couple of 20 min sessions at the weekend. This dress, is the first project I have completed since my diagnosis and it is probably my slowest sew yet. Instead of looking at it as having to limit my sewing time, I must instead be grateful for the fact that I can still sew at all. It is a difficult change of mindset for me but I am slowly coming to terms with it and learning to appreciate the process. Making this dress has been both incredibly difficult and rewarding. It is a reminder that I am no longer able to do things as quickly as I once could but also that I can still achieve everything I want to, I just need to slow down. Pattern : zero waste gather dress by @birgittahelmersson Fabric: AD lady mcelroy viscose given by @minervadotcom in exchange for a blog post Image description: Helen is wearing a dark green/black dress with an elephant print on. She is looking down at the dress and holding the skirt out slightly at the sides to show if the print. #ZWGatherDress #ZeroWasteGatherDress #MeMadeZeroWaste #ZeroWasteDress #BirgittaHelmersson #BirgittaHelmerssonPatterns #ZeroWastePattern #SewcialistsZeroWaste #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome

I finally got around to taking a picture of this hat. I actually finished it a few of weeks ago which was perfect timing for the cold snap we’ve been having at my partner had worn it every single day fit the last couple of weeks for our daily walks! Image description: a knitted beanie hat knit with grey brim and a hexagonal honey comb design with grey foreground and striped yellow and orange background Pattern: honey striped hat by @westknits โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram #HoneyStripedHat #WestKnits #Hiberknitalong #Hiberknitalong2020 #grellow

I’ve been a bit quiet on the sewing front recently but as my @pinkcoatclub sticker reminds me – sometimes a bit of sewing is the best self care when times are tough. So today I managed 20 minutes at my machine and it was lovely to be making again. I have however found one downside to making a zero waste pattern. There are no scraps to practice your buttonholes on – as these super messy buttonholes are testament to! Pattern zero waste gather dress by @birgittahelmersson Fabric AD lady mcelroy viscose given by @minervadotcom in exchange for a blog post Image description: a close up of a sewing machine with a buttonhole foot attached and a dark green dress beneath the needle #ZWGatherDress #ZeroWasteGatherDress #MeMadeZeroWaste #ZeroWasteDress #BirgittaHelmersson #BirgittaHelmerssonPatterns #ZeroWastePattern #SewcialistsZeroWaste #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #sewingismyselfcare #sewingismytherapy #pinkcoatclub #buttonholes #minervamakes #minervamakers