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For day 3 of #FridaySewtacular hosted by @fridaypatterncompany we are sharing our spring style and me made outfits. Every year as the weather starts to warm up I have a bit of a style crisis. I love autumn and winter clothes and feel really myself whilst wearing them but I just can’t seem to find a warm weather wardrobe that feels like me. Last year I made this dress in an arteritis to try something new and it just didnt get worn. Maybe it is the polyester fabric that feels too staticy against my skin or the this loose fitting style that is not really my preferred fit or the bright orange rust colour but something is just not quite right. Maybe 2021 will be the year I find my spring /summer style! Fabric AD. Peachskin crepe fabric in rust gifted by @minervadotcom in exchange for posts on their site Pattern. @peppermintmagazine x @inthefolds button up dress Image description. Helen is stood looking out of a window. She is wearing a sleeveless orange dress with black buttons down the front #b36w29h39#measurementsmovement #MinervaBrandAmbassador, #MinervaMakes #MinervaMakers #PeppermintButtonUpDress #SpringStyle#SewistsOfInstagram #MillennialSewing #Sewcialists #SewMuchFun #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #MeMade #MeMadeWardrobe #MeMadeEveryDay #IMakeMyClothes

Two new lovely pieces of fabric arrived today (just in time for day 2 of #FridaySewtacular) and they have gone straight in for a prewash in the hopes of making the most of this hot weather and getting them out to dry in super quick time. Fabric AD. Jersey by @artgalleryfabrics gifted by @minervadotcom as part of their brand ambassador program Image description. A washing machine with fabric visible through the window #MinervaBrandAmbassador, #MinervaMakes #MinervaMakers #artgalleryfabrics #alwaysprewash #fabriclove

I’m usually only a one project on the sewing table at a time kind of gal, but since my CFS diagnosis I have been open to suggestions as to ways to make my sewing life easier. A few of you had suggested having multiple projects on the go at different stages. Whilst this at first seemed crazy to me (how was I going to keep track of multiple projects with all this brain fog?) I have now come to see the sense in it. I have good days and bad days, on the good days I can probably spend 20mins cutting out and feel OK afterwards, on the bad days I can barely manage to stitch one seam before needing a nap… Having different projects that I can choose from according to my abilities on the day means there will always be something I can choose to do to keep my sewing practice going and not get stuck at a roadblock because the next step is too mentally or physically demanding. So, whilst I am still working on my Clara wrap top I am also planning some other makes, including a couple of Be Bold Bodysuits (the newest @patternsforpirates pattern) and the Heyday dungarees which I bought in the rebranding sale for @wavesandwild I’m really loving using @mybodymodel to plan my makes as it is a nice slow activity I can do when Im feeling weak and it allows me to explore new styles without putting in tonnes of effort making something that I’m unlikely to love! #FridaySewtacular Day 1 sewing plans Image description. A flatlay showing an open notebook with a sketch of Helen wearing a pair of dungarees. Beside the notebook is a cup of tea and some white flowers. #SewingPlanner #MyBodyModel #FashionSketching #FashionDrawing #BulletJournal #SketchAndSew #FashionIllustration #MyBodyModelStyle #SlowSewing #SewingProcess #SewingSketch #TheSlowSew #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome#WavesAndWild #HeydayDungarees

I’ve been scrolling the #MendMarch tag for some mending inspiration and came across a post from a few years back by @roberta.cummings. She had used variegated yarn to create a lovely multicoloured darn. I just had to give it a try, so day 28s theme of darn was the perfect excuse! I used some variegated sock yarn from @tiger tiger and my speedweve from @missionxgoods to mend a hole in this jumper that’s needed fixing for a while I love the effect and I’m pretty pleased with my weave.. I even think I’m getting better/tidier the more I practice! Image description. A multicoloured yarn had been used to darn a patch on an old blue sweater – close up image of the darn #MendMarch2021 #VisibleMending #Mending #Darning #Darn #Patch #Mend #MendDay #MendingMonday #Mendspiration #MakeDoAndMend #MendingMatters #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing

My copy of Embody arrived in the post today and I couldn’t be more excited. It feels like forever that I have been searching for the perfect combination of knitting and sewing patterns to create a cohesive outfit. As soon as I first saw the details of this book I knew I had to add it to my collection. Lucky for me, I ordered the yarn and swatched last week so as soon as this landed on the doorstep I could cast on the knitting and I think I might just have the perfect fabric for the sewing pattern but I’ll have a better think about that tomorrow! Book: Embody by @jacquelinecieslak published by @pompommag Yarn: linen and merino blend dyed by @feedthebobbin in nosferatu colourway Image description. A flatlay of the new embody book by Jacqueline Cieszlak together with a yarn cake and swatch in a blue – grey variegated yarn. #DerenSweater #DerenTee #EmbodyCapsuleCollection #PomPomPress #JacquelineCieslak #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #MeMade #MeMadeWardrobe #MeMadeEveryDay #IMakeMyClothes #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram

When I first made this top I was really pleased with how it was coming together… And then I went in for the final press and accidentally melted the fabric! It left a slightly distorted spot right on the front right shoulder. There was also a tiny hole which I sewed shut and covered with this @kylieandthemachine label I thought I’d got away with it. The placement of the label looked intentional and worked really nicely with the top. However, over time that fabric had come apart, the distortion turned into lots of tiny holes around the spot where the fabric had been weakened. So today I decided to mend it and make it a bit of a feature. As it’s a tight fitting stretchy top I needed a stretchy mend. These little zig zag stitches do a nice job of giving the fabric a bit more strength and cover the holes enough to prevent them growing. Lucky for me, all the holes are on the black stripes (this must be the weak point in the fabric) and so I could use the stripes to keep my stitching in nice neat lines. Image description. A close up of a black and white stripes tee. There is a black label attached to the tee with the words ‘me made’ written on. Around the label are little rows of zig zag stitches in various colours. #MendMarch #MendMarch2021 #VisibleMending #mending #Mend #MendDay #MendingMonday #Mendspiration #MakeDoAndMend #MendingMatters #Hepburn #P4P #P4PHepburn #PatternsForPirates #HepburnDress #HepburnTop #P4PHepburnDress #P4PHepburnTop

I’ve had this top for 15 years, I bought it for something like ยฃ2 from a cheap high street chain. It is super comfortable, and so well worn. Back then I just bought the clothes I liked at the cheapest possible price but now I have the privilege to make my own clothes I choose to do so in a way that sits better with my personal values. That doesn’t mean I should discard those old clothes because they were produced in an environmentally and socially damaging way. Instead I choose to honour them, wear them, and mend them. Image description. A cream marl cotton t-shirt with a blue and purple diamond shape stitched on to close up a tiny hole in the cloth #MendMarch #MendMarch2021 #VisibleMending #Mending #Darning #Darn #Patch #Mend #MendDay #MendingMonday #Mendspiration #MakeDoAndMend #MendingMatters

Sorry I’ve been slacking on #MendMarch the last week. I think it’s something to do with all this monotony of the past year making the passage of time do crazy things. Every day feels like both a minute and a year long at the same time. So for todays ‘my year indoors’ theme I have decided to inject some colour in an attempt to break up the monotony. These are the hems on some fraying jeans – made both stronger and more joyful with some rainbow threads ๐ŸŒˆ Image description. The bottom hems of some fraying jeans are mended using colourful threads to wrap the bottom of the hem in satin stitch. #MendMarch #MendMarch2021 #VisibleMending #mending #Mend #MendDay #MendingMonday #Mendspiration #MakeDoAndMend #MendingMatters #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing#Mending

Making slow but sure progress on my positivity scarf Pattern: positivity by @sosuknits Yarn : mabon by @floof.fibre and black @cascadeyarns heritage Image description. A close up of a plus sign knitted using brioche stitch on a background of garter stitch in a black yarn and a variegated yarn in shades of orange, dark blue, green and white. #Floof #FloofFibre #Positivity #PositivityScarf #PositivityShawl #SosuKnits #IndieYarn #Handdyed #HandDyedYarn #BriocheKnitting #CascadeHeritage #CascadeHeritageSock #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram

Last weekend I made this Clara wrap top in a cheap jersey. I’m not calling it a wearable toile because I dived straight in and made a straight size s with all the finishings, knowing it would be close enough, particularly given the wrap can be pulled tighter to adjust the fit. Before cutting into my good fabric I will make a few changes but the main thing I learned is that I need to be super careful not to stretch out the front neckline. I shared this and some other ideas on my stories last week. I also added a little poll to see if you all wanted to see this more on the grid or in stories and you pretty much all said stories do up stick with putting it there plus an occasional update here like I do now… So if you are into awkward mirror selfies and fit adjustments head to my stories! Pattern. Clara wrap top by @greenstylecreations Fabric. Camel jersey from a closing down sale Image description. A mirror selfie of Helen wearing a camel coloured wrap top over a black vest and leggings. She is standing in front of a bright blue wall and holding up a blue mobile phone to take the picture. #ClaraWrap #ClaraWrapTop #GreenstyleCreations #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #SewistsOfInstagram #MillennialSewing #Sewcialists #SewMuchFun #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #MeMade #MeMadeWardrobe #MeMadeEveryDay #IMakeMyClothes