Monthly Archives: November 2021

Things have been quiet around here lately, I’ve been resting a lot these past few weeks and not done a whole lot of making but I did get around to photographing a couple of things from the last few months like this bra. I’ve made a couple of bralettes before but never a proper bra but given how hard it is to find my size in shops I decided it was time to give it a shot particularly after seeing @sewnbypenelope churning out so many amazing ones! I ordered a few practice packs from fit 2 sew to make some toiles and after 3 attempts I decided to make a full version of of some of the mixed and matched pieces. Once I’ve worn this a few times I’ll decide on any more tweaks before cutting into the good fabric! Pattern: pin up girls classic Duoplex, power mesh and findings from fit 2 sew #SewistsOfInstagram #MillennialSewing #Sewcialists #SewMuchFun #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #SewingDetails #PUGClassic #PinUpGirls #Fit2Sew #PinUpGirlsClassic #BraMakersSupply #BraSewing #SewBusty [Image description. An underwired bra in colour blocked pale blue, grey, and light pink fabrics is lying on a blue geometric patterned bed cover.]

I finally finished knitting clue 3 it’s taking me quite a long time I’ve only managed to snatch little snippets of knitting time in between feeling quite unwell for the last couple of weeks. I really love the brioche but boy am I glad to have those criss-crosses finished! they may look great but they were such a faff to knit! #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram #WestKnits #WestKnitsMKAL2021 #Shawlography #ShawlographyMKAL #SocksYeah #CascadeHeritage [Image description. Photo 1 shows a stack of yarn with text overlay which reads ‘SPOILER ALERT! CLUE 3’. photo 2 is a partially knitted shawl.]

I knit these two pairs of socks for my mum for her birthday. The pink ones (swipe to see) are a simple pair of vanilla socks in @botanicalyarn mystery bundle pinks which I got her to try on a few months ago to check the fit. One I knew the fit was good I got to work on these lilac and grey Zener socks from Moon and Turtle by @sachikobee and @kiyomibee . The lilac yarn is also from a @botanicalyarn mystery bundle and the dark grey is from @mrb_birdstreetyarn @clare_birdstreetyarn #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram #RyeLightSocks #TinCanKnits #SockKnitting #SockKnittersOfIG #BirdstreetYarns #BotanicalYarns#ZenerSocks #MoonAndTurtle #MoonAndTurtleBook [Image description. A pair of lilac and grey socks with diamonds and stripe patterns. A pair of pink stripy socks.]