I may not be able to make today’s #SewBeds event in person but I can feel like I’m there in spirit by wearing the adopted uniform: the York pinafore by Helen’s closet. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to make this pattern. It is the perfect combination of smart enough to feel like I’m properly put together but super comfortable and also super practical – I mean look at those pockets! I won this fabric from @lushcloth as part of a giveaway. I could choose 2 m of any fabric from Oyin’s wonderful website and I picked this Merchant and Mills yarn dyed cotton. I had originally planned to make a gathered skirt however when it arrived I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head to turn it into york pinafore. Its a nice light weight fabric but has a bit of body so it works really well for this pattern. I bought the pattern in the recent @helens__closet sale and I’m so happy with it. Can’t wait to meet up with you lovely #SewBeds ladies soon, I hope you enjoy your day. #SewistsOfInstagram #MillennialSewing #Sewcialists #SewMuchFun #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #SewYourselfSustainable #SustainableSewing #MySustainableLife #ReduceReuseRecycle #MakeDoAndMend #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #MeMade #MeMadeWardrobe #MeMadeEveryDay #IMakeMyClothes #MeMadeOOTD #DIYOOTD #HelensCloset #HelensClosetPatterns #YorkPinafore [Image description. Helen is wearing a black pinafore with white vertical dashes over a cream and black striped top. She had her hands in the very large pockets on the side of the pinafore. The photograph cuts out her head and legs.]

Day 1 of my new hobby! I’m not really up to a holiday this year so I decided to spend my time and money on a shoe making course instead. It’s all online so I can work at my own pace which is just what I need and all the supplies are included. I’ve been watching through some of the videos for the last couple of weeks and feel like I’m now ready to get stuck in! #NewHobby #SkillUp #ICanMakeShoes @icanmake_shoes #ShoeMaking #HomeShoeMaking #makersgonnamake #ShoeMaker [Image description. A pair of shoe making lasts and a set of tools are laid out on a sheet of brown paper.]

This year I’ve decided to take part in the @westknits mkal. It’s my first year taking part but I’m really excited. This marled magic shawl is the only westknits shawl that I’ve knit so far but i really loved the construction as I knit it last year and absolutely love the finished knit. I’ve long been an admirer of their patterns so I’m excited for the mystery element of the mkal. This year I really managed to increase my speed and confidence with knitting and so it’s time to bite the bullet and join in with this knitting community staple! Ill share my yarn choices as soon as I’ve made my final decision! I will also share some progress updates on here but don’t worry if you’re joining in too ill make sure not to post any spoilers until after the next clue is released! #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram #WestKnits #WestKnitsMKAL2021 #Shawlography #ShawlographyMKAL #marledmagic #marledmagicshawl [Image description. Helen is holding a knitted shawl in shades of white grey blue and yellow. She is holding it with arms spray wide and yet she still can’t match the wingspan of this massive shawl.]

No I’m not cooking noodles, that’s my yarn in the dye bath! Those bright purple buddleia flowers created this yellow dye ๐Ÿ˜ฏ I’m so excited to see how this are turns out! #SeasonalPlantDyes #YarnDying #BotanicalDyes #HanddyedYarn #PlantDyes [Image description. A pan filled with yellow dye and yarn that looks like noodles cooking.]

Chronic illness is… Realising your body has changed so much that none of your clothes or tried and true patterns will fit whilst having such intense brain fog that you cannot figure out which size pattern you now need to cut or how much of an fba you now need. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ This week I took a bit of time off so I finally had the energy to try and make something that will fit me now. I started with a pattern I have made before that still fits reasonably well round the shoulders so all I needed to do was an FBA – Dealing with brain fog is all about baby steps. I worked out that my bust measurement is now 5 inches bigger than before so I knew I needed an fba but 2.5inches each side seemed like a lot to add so I looked at the finished garment measures and decided to try 3/4″ each side to get started. I pulled out this remnant from my fabric stash and got started. Because I made this top from scraps it is more cropped than I might usually choose but I kinda like it and it fits!!! Plus I love using scraps up in this way because we all know that trying something new doesn’t always work out and so no new fabric has gone to waste! So I guess that’s my top tip for week 2 of #SewYourselfSustainable by @newcrafthouse #SewistsOfInstagram #MillennialSewing #Sewcialists #SewMuchFun #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #MeMade #MeMadeWardrobe #MeMadeEveryDay #IMakeMyClothes #MeMadeOOTD #DIYOOTD#Hepburn #P4P #PatternsForPirates #P4PTimelessTunic #TimelessTunic #SewnShownSeated #SewBusty #B40W32H40 [Image description. Helen is sat looking out of a window. She had her legs crossed and haha placed in her lap. She is wearing a woven tee and pencil skirt.]

I’ve had a couple of days off work this week for some r+r, I’ve spent a few of those extra spoons gathering buddleia flowers for the next stage of my plant dying project. I’m really enjoying the slow pace on this project. I just spend 20-minutes here or there doing each step and then leave it for a few days until its time for the next step. #SeasonalPlantDyes #YarnDying #BotanicalDyes #HanddyedYarn #PlantDyes #DisabledMakers #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #slowProjectChallenge [Image description. A pan full of bright purple buddleia flowers sits on a picnic table. Beside the pan is a pair of scissors.]

Soaking up the final seconds of summer. Knitting outside with a nice matcha latte. I’m knitting the No frills sweater by @petiteknit and it is the perfect project for easy knitting. I’m actually really enjoying the miles of stockinette, it is perfect for me right now with the endless CFS brain fog! #KnittingInspiration #KnitAndBeHappy #KnittersOfInstagram #Knitstagram #DisabledMakers #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #NoFrillsSweater #PetiteKnit #ingendikkedarersweater #Matcha [Image description. A pile of grey knitting sits beside a mug of matcha latte on a picnic table in Helen’s garden]

Hi everyone, I’m Helen ๐Ÿ‘‹ Its been a while since I’ve said hello and I know there a few newbies around – it’s so lovely to see you here. I’m a scientist living in the UK working on sustainable agriculture and I love to sew, knit and generally craft a handmade wardrobe that is unique to my style and shape. I started sewing around 6 years ago on a whim. I picked up a copy of @tillybuttons #LoveAtFirstStitch and got stuck in! September is a month with plenty of instagram challenges going on, kicking off with #WildBelletember hosted by @needleandthebelle and @wildandwanderfulblog – 2 amazing sewists whose sense of style is always a source of inspiration #SewistsOfInstagram #MillennialSewing #Sewcialists #SewMuchFun #SewYourselfSustainable #SustainableSewing #MySustainableLife #ReduceReuseRecycle #MakeDoAndMend #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #SewDisabled #ChronicallySewn #DisabledMakers #MeMade #MeMadeWardrobe #MeMadeEveryDay #IMakeMyClothes #MeMadeOOTD #DIYOOTD #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #SewBusty [Image description. Helen is a white woman in her thirties. She has shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. She is wearing thick rimmed glasses and is smiling at the camera. Only Helen’s head and shoulders are in shot. Behind her is a bright blue wall.]

Last week I took some much needed time away and stayed with my parents for a week. I was not up to doing very much as the travelling took it out of me completely, but I did get a lot of knitting done. Well, this week I am paying for that! So I’m taking @aylooknits advice and resting my wrist for a while, so no knitting for me this weekend! Instead I decided to finally give some dyeing a go! I got this book for Christmas but until now I have not had the energy to get started. First job for this weekend is scouring and mordanting this undyed yarn ๐Ÿ˜ #SeasonalPlantDyes #YarnDying #BotanicalDyes #HanddyedYarn #PlantDyes [Image description. A large pan with undyed yarn in it sits beside a book called “seasonal plant dyes”.]

A few weeks ago when I was playing around with the fit of my Ogden cami I used the fabric scraps to cut out a toile of the woolfork top from the embody capsule collection by @jacquelinecieslak. Based on the finished garment measurements I went for a size 3. It’s quite roomy in the body so no need for an fba. I did do a 0.5″ narrow back adjustment on each side straight off because I knew from the finished measurements that this would be way too broad for me and I often need one anyways. I love that the pattern includes so much detail in the measurements to allow you to make these decisions right away I’m quite happy with the fit so decided to finish the seams and turn this toile into a wearable garment. I did choose not to hem the bottom (just finished it on the overlocker) as it would have been a bit too short for my liking. On the next one I’ll raise the bust dart by half an inch but it’s not a problem on this version. #SewistsOfInstagram #MillennialSewing #Sewcialists #SewMuchFun #TheSlowSew #SlowSewing #MeMade #MeMadeWardrobe #MeMadeEveryDay #IMakeMyClothes #MeMadeOOTD #DIYOOTD #b36w29h39 #measurementsmovement #SewBusty #EmbodyCapsuleCollection #PomPomPress #JacquelineCieslak #EmbodyMAL #Woolfork #WoolforkPattern #WoolforkTop #WoolforkCrop #WoolforkCropTop [Image description. Helen is wearing a bright floral crop top with short sleeves and black skinny jeans.]