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Amazing crochet designs

Dont you just love it when you find an amazing new designer! Well, this is what happenend to me today! As you do I was just browsing Ravelry, not because I needed to find a new project (I definitely dont – I have way to many WIPs on the go at the moment!) but just because its so easy to get absorbed in all the loveliness.

Any way I stumbled across a gorgeous blanket pattern and got lost in a rabbit warren of looking at all the projects associated with it!

This was the blanket that cost me a few hours of my life…but I think it was worth it!

Julie Yeager blanket

Looking through everyones projects you begin to see what an amazing pattern it is and so versatile when done in different colours. I think if I were to make it I would stick with white (or maybe cream) as the main colour and then maybe some richer colours than those used here for the rest…perhaps some lovely jewel tones.

So after having spent quite a lot of time admiring this pattern I decided to investigate the designer. Her website provides a haven of beautiful crochet patterns.

Now I just need to find the time to make some of them. Perhaps these could end up as cushion covers?

Have you found a new designer recently I would love to here about them – after all I cant possibly have seen half of the great patterns on Ravelry yet!


Is there anybody out there…

Wow, what a long time it has been. I will forgive you all if you have all got up and left me all alone in this small corner of the internet as I have been AWOL for almost 3 weeks! What a 3 weeks it has been though so I do hope you will forgive me!

First of all we moved into our new house! It’s great having a house that is all ours, we have so many ideas for decorating and layout but its a little overwhelming to know where to start. We decided to start with the main bedroom so whilst that is underway we are mostly still living out of boxes in the spare room.

2 days after moving house I started my placement so not only did I have a new house I had a new job  aswell. To top this off it is too far away to commute daily so I am lodging nearby in the week and travelling at weekends so after only 2 days it was goodbye new house and hello to a different new house. Only this one is not mine and there are other people living there (but they are lovely so theres no problem there).

One good thing about staying away from home is that the evenings feel a lot longer when there are not all the little things to do hanging over you so in my first week away I managed to get a fair chunk done on my sunburst blanket…more on that to come later. I also came down with a cold – not what you need when your away from home and have just started a new job but I think with all the effort of moving it was bound to happen at some time.

So, in case you thought all of that was enough to have kept me occupied for the last 3 weeks you would be wrong…there’s more! Last week I went to a conference in Spain. It was mostly just work stuff but I did have a bit of spare time to explore the city. The conference was held in Cordoba, a beautiful old city. In fact the old town is a UNESCO world heritage site. IT really is a beautiful place and filled with lots of inspiration. I really loved visiting the Mezquita which was originally a mosque and now houses a catholic cathedral. The contrast between the moorish architecture and the catholic art is really striking.

and I also found some Spanish craft shops…the first was a fairly normal fabric shop but the second seemed to sell everything from buttons, to yarn, to busts of the virgin Mary!

Hopefully the next few weeks will calm down a bit and I will have more time for the relaxing things in my life such as knitting and unpacking my sewing machine!


Pinterest screengrab

Pinterest Roundup: August 2015

August is almost over, and we get the keys to our new house tomorrow! Unfortunately this means my month has been largely free of crafting as most of my possessions are packed away ready for the move and I have been too busy packing and getting excited about the new house to do anything anyway! I’m guessing there will be a lot more home-décor crafting coming my way over the next few months!

Despite, my lack of actual crafting I have been able to fill the void by looking at all the beautiful things that I could be making over on Pinterest. Here’s a round up of some of my favourites from this month!

delicate lace shawl

I think given the amount of time I have spent knitting my shawl recently (it is the only thing I haven’t packed) I should be fed up of shawls but look how beautiful this one is! I think its crochet rather than knit but the link through to the pin is not very detailed and the pattern is too small to read really but if any one figures it out it is beautiful!




I think I have de8ca9f1a712aa78bc69d32fd56d2bc09bfinitely had crochet on the brain recently as the next  two pins that I have loved this month are also crochet and as I don’t really like hot weather I am getting really excited about the Autumn coming and being able to wrap up warm I have picked this lovely colourful blanket and these really cute hats!



f51d0328c3d96677e9aee96fba05c9e7Finally, (its another crochet one I’m afraid) perhaps a sign of things to come for the new house is this beautiful crochet cushion cover. I love how the stitch pattern creates diagonal checks whilst the colours are checked horizontally and vertically.




You can find these and more beautiful pins over on my Pinterest account.




The sun is out and the temperatures are rocketing!

If, unlike me, you are not stuck at work and are able to go out and enjoy the weather why not find a nice spot in your garden or a park. Here are some lovely pattern picks for the hot weather!

picnic blanketThis picnic blanket would be perfect for the beach or park! The pattern is available here.





beach bagand if you are heading down to the park you’ll need a bag to carry all your suncream in!  How about this lovely string bag pattern available here.







ice creamof course once youve made it to your destination you will want to sit all day in the sun with an ice cream! Find the pattern here.





Enjoy the sun everybody!


beginnings of knitted cowl

Bank Holiday Weekend WIPs

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing bank holiday weekend. With 4 days off work there was plenty time to fit in lots of crafting around all the housework. On Friday I decided to give myself a whole day without chores. I mainly spent that time sewing as I have been working on a skirt for some time now and progress has been slow. So I set my mind to it and by the end of the day the skirt was finished! I wont show you it now as I want to take some better pictures and give it the full post it deserves seeing as I have spent nearly two months on it!

On Saturday we went on a little trip out to the shops to sort out some bits and pieces and as we just happened to be driving past Hobbycraft it would have been rude not to go in, especially as I had a voucher that I had received for my birthday. I decided to buy the rest of the wool for my sunburst blanket so that I could start on the final round of the individual grannies. I decided to stick to the plan and bought a dark blue. When I got home I was eager to check out my purchase in combination with the other colours already in my blanket so quickly completed a few squares and I’m really happy with the result.

completed granny squares for sunburst blanket

completed granny squares for sunburst blanket

I also decided to buy an embroidery ring as this is something I have always thought about trying but not really known where to start. However, a couple of weeks ago I got the new “Simply sewing” magazine and there was a section on embroidery and a simple design to practice simple backstitches so I thought I would give it a go.

On Sunday we went out for the day so unfortunately not much crafting took place and then on Monday I managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting around the housework. I am currently working on a cowl, that is knitted in the round so it seems to be taking forever as each round is 320 stitches and so I am only on round 11 despite feeling like I should be making a lot more progress!

beginnings of knitted cowl

beginnings of knitted cowl


How have you been getting on over the bank holiday? I cant wait to see all the progress everyone has made.


Easter weekend

Today is a bank holiday which means a lie in, plenty of cups of tea and lots of crafting! I have a few projects on the go at the moment which I plan to progress over the weekend.

The first is a skirt which I have been sewing for some time now so my main goal is to get that completed. I also have the beginnings of my first dress so I hope to make some progress with that.

Aside from my sewing I am working on a knitted cowl and my crochet blanket. So lots of crafting over the weekend.

The weather is not looking to great at the moment so no other plans as yet. Hopefully there will be some sun tomorrow and I can go outside and enjoy all the spring flowers that are coming through!


Pinterest screengrab

Pinterest Inspiration

I absolutely love Pinterest!

When I have had a super busy week like this one I dont always have time for lots of crafting. However, I can spend just a few minutes (ok, it’s usually more than that!) on Pinterest and get a fix of all the beautiful things I could make.

I like to use Pinterest to keep track of all the amazing projects I want to try as well as a record of my finished items. So I have 4 boards for my projects:

as well as boards exclusively with inspiration for new projects

Today I thought I would share with you one item off each of my inspiration boards so that you to can be inspired to go and craft.

Or… if you dont have time – just to gaze at it longingly with dreams of what you could someday create!

So here goes…


I love the look of this necklace made from embroidery floss – it is so simple yet effective and has been on my to-do list for some time. I reckon it would look great in the summer paired with a simple t-shirt and maxi skirt.

Embroidery floss necklace


My crochet inspiration board is one of my fullest boards currently and so it was difficult to pick just one pin to share with you but I really love the way the pattern and colours work together on this blanket to create a really interesting texture. It also means I get two as I know from the original blog that this pin came from that there is also a really cute cowl using this same stitch pattern that I am a huge fan of so you should check that out too!

diamond and stipes crochet blanket


I’m not sure if this is cheating slightly as my chosen pin from my knitting inspiration board is actually one that I bought the pattern for a couple of weeks ago and is currently a WIP. So watch this space if you want to see how mine turns out!

Knitted cowl on Pinterest


My final piece of inspiration for the week comes in the form of this really cute lace trim for a Peter Pan collar. I think it is currenly a little bit beyond my abilities but I can hope that one day I will be able to create something as nice as this!

Sewn Lace Trim

Well, that is my round up of some crafty inspiration from Pinterest. I think this little exercise has made me realise two things. The first is that I need to learn to take better pictures if I want my crafts to look as good as this and the second is that I better get busy if I want to make all of these things any time soon as well as all the other projects I have on the go!


Sunburst Grannies in progress

WIP: Sunburst Blanket

There seem to be plenty of Sunburst Blankets on-the-go at the moment and I am no exception. I have been working on mine slowly for almost a year now. It is a really great project to pick up and complete granny whenever you are feeling disheartened with your current project or only have 10 minutes to spare.

I really love this pattern. It seems to be so versatile and looks good in pretty much every colour combination I have seen it. The most popular by far seems to be colourful circles on a white background but I think some of my favourite examples are those that mix it up a bit.

My aim with this blanket is to incorporate some of my favourite bright shades of blue, green and yellow with a couple of pinks and purples thrown in. I will then add a dark blue square to provide the main body of the blanket.

I currently have about 30 circles completed and another 30 in progress. I hope to have around 100 in total for the blanket. Although, reading some of the other blanket posts out there I fear I may have grossly underestimated this! Only time will tell.

2015-03-03 18.35.07 edit

Sunburst Grannies in progress

Sunburst Grannies in progress

To see some of my favourite examples of others using this pattern why not check out the links below

Coco Rose Diaies – A lovely mixture of pastels and brights on a grey background

Color n Cream – Brights on a white background

Massive brights on white background

Autumn colours on dark blue

and I’m not going to lie my initial inspiration for the blanket…Amy’s very own granny blanket in the Big Bang Theory!