Make a card for your Dad

Its just over a week til Father’s day and so all of the shops are filled with cards and gifts for Dad.

I always like to make a card so I thought I would share with you some card making ideas that can be great fun to make!

spotty overlay Spots!

Make a template of whatever shape you like and then stamps paint dots around it  making sure to overlap with the edge of the template as you go.

Another way to make this craft work if you don’t want the mess of paints is to scribble all round the edge of the template with coloured pens!










Make your own stamps and layer them up on different coloured paper.

You could even add Washi tape to give it that proper scrapbook feel!






string art String Art!

You can easily make this work for a card by punching holes into paper using a pin or a needle and then using embroidery floss to make your design. Then stick another piece of card onto the back to hide all the messy knots and loose ends.





leaf cut outsLeaf Cut outs!

This might be a better craft for the Autumn when the leaves are dried out and all beautiful colours but you could always use the same idea with different pieces of coloured card or paper.

















Now I have so many ideas I just need to decide on one and get making!


embroidery floss necklace

embroidery floss necklace

It definitely feels like spring is here and all the flowers that are popping up everywhere make me want to brighten up my wardrobe. My winter wardrobe is often quite dark incorporating jewel tones such as the blue of my geometric cowl or the red of my delphine skirt, but spring calls for bright blues and pale yellows!

After taking the time to think about some of the great ideas I found when searching through my favourite pins I decided to have a go at making the embroidery floss necklace that I had pinned onto my craft board

Embroidery floss necklace

Embroidery floss necklace found on pinterest

I took the time to click through and find the original post which was actually on Mollie Makes and had some nice simple instructions.

I decided I wanted to make my necklace a little more discrete and so opted for only 24 threads instead of the suggested 137! I thought such a big change might really alter the style of the necklace but I ‘m really happy with how it turned out and I think if I had made it much bigger it would have looked a bit ridiculous on me.

Check out how it turned out and let me know what you think:

The final stage of making the necklace is to cut off the end. This gave me about a 20 cm length of all the embroidery threads. Of course I wasn’t going to through these away so I folded them into quarters to give me a 96 thread bunch and tied it up to make a tassle. I strung this onto a much longer piece of thread to make another necklace so nothing went to waste! You could also make it into a keyring if one brightly coloured embroidery floss necklace is enough for you!

tassle necklace made using the leftovers from my embroidery necklace

tassle necklace

To make your own:

You need

  • 6-10 skeins of embroidery floss
  • scissors

Find the instructions on Mollie Makes but if like me you want to change the thickness don’t be afraid as it seems to be quite easy to make this necklace your own!