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Free Pattern: Andalusian Boot Cuffs

I have some exciting news!

If you liked the look of my boot cuffs that I made in my previous post you will be delighted to hear that the pattern is now available to download for FREE on here on Ravelry!

I would love any feedback anyone has on this pattern as it is my first attempt at publishing and I’m sure there will be some mistakes. I have tried to keep it simple though and as I explained in my last post the boot cuffs are a simple make and are knitted flat.

Perhaps you could make them as a mothers day gift (UK mothers day is on the 12th March in case you were wondering!)

I hope you enjoy this pattern.


Boot Cuffs

With a few basic knitting projects under my belt I recently decided it was time to challenge myself and get inventive!

I have a beautiful pair of leather boots but they are just a little too big around my calf so I decided to make a boot cuff. If you dont know what a boot cuff is just head over to Pinterest and you will find literally hundreds of patterns. However, I decided not to follow any of them! Mostly because they were either completely plain or involved fancy cabling – something which I have not yet attempted. Instead I decided I would create my own. I have decided on quite a simple stitch pattern with some ribbing at the top and bottom. I worked them flat as I thought it would be nice to use slightly bigger needles (which I dont yet have in circulars or double pointers) to make the boot cuffs stretchier and more forgiving if I accidentally made them too small!

I am really happy with the finished boot cuffs and I think they go great with my boots! What do you think?

Boot cuffs

Boot cuffs

Simple finglerless gloves

I had been threatening to start knitting for ages and so at Christmas I received many knitting related presents, a full set of needles included. I made a few simple starter projects (mostly squares of knitting and a simple envelope sleeve for my kindle), but I thought I would show you my first official knitting project. It was a pattern by Benson’s Rags that I had also received as a Christmas present. The pattern included a stranded knitting treble clef motif, but as yet my knitting skills are not up to this so I decided to keep the gloves simple and just stick to the simple pattern completed with the beautiful West Yorkshire Yarn Spinners Aran.

The premise for making the gloves was pretty simple. They are knitted flat and then sewn together at the side seam. Starting from the wrist, which is ribbing, the number of stitches are gradually increased in a ‘V’ to make room for the thumb:

Fingerless gloves thumb

Fingerless gloves thumb

This is where what seemed to be a simple pattern broke down. I had to somehow insert a thumb into my nice flat piece of knitting. Well, it took me a few times of reading and re-reading the pattern and a little help from some of my more experienced crafty friends but we figured it out. I had to cast on three additional stitches at one edge of the thumb and then (ignoring the rest of the piece) knit just the thumb (still flat at this point). Once this was completed I could then ignore the thumb and continue knitting the rest of the glove picking up those extra 3 stitches half way across.

Once completed the thumb was stitched up down the side and the rest of the glove was also stitched together to complete it.

Fingerless gloves palm

Completed fingerless glove

Then all I had to do was the same again for the other hand.

Fingerless gloves

Two compeleted fingerless gloves

Well, as far a projects go I may not have jumped in at the deep end but it dertainly wasnt a paddling pool!

Bring on the next project!