I think I am using Ravelry wrong.

I love to use Ravelry to find new patterns or just to search for ideas about what I could knit or crochet next. However, I currently seem to use the library and queue functions interchangeably to save  links to patterns I want to try or more often than not I just pin them to my … Continue reading I think I am using Ravelry wrong.


Free Pattern: Andalusian Boot Cuffs

I have some exciting news! If you liked the look of my boot cuffs that I made in my previous post you will be delighted to hear that the pattern is now available to download for FREE on here on Ravelry! I would love any feedback anyone has on this pattern as it is my first attempt at … Continue reading Free Pattern: Andalusian Boot Cuffs

Getting social!

I've eventually set up a Facebook page so now you can get me on all of you're favourite social networks:  Facebook,  Twitter,  Pinterest,  Etsy (Although there's nothing on there...yet),   Ravelry,  Bloglovin,  and good old fashion email! I'm also on Google plus although I won't really be using that very much as I do not … Continue reading Getting social!