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Sewing trousers that actually fit!

How I made my first pair of trousers that actually fit!

Making causal trouser that actually fit might seem like a daunting challenge but I decided to give it a go! Find out how I got on…

Casual Trousers that fit well

For some reason I’ve always had troubles finding trouser that fit. For this reason I have generally become the sort of person that pretty much only wears skirts and dresses. I have made some trousers before, including my ginger jeans but I was never happy with the fit. However, over the past few months I have realised that my wardrobe really is missing some trousers – so i decided to start easy with a loose fitting pair from the Fashion with Fabric book* from the great British Sewing Bee. The pattern is actually for a jumpsuit but there is a suggested hack in the book of how to sew them into trousers.

Casual Trousers

How I made my first pair of trousers that actually fit!

As trouser fitting is not really my thing – I didn’t know where to start or what I was really looking for to help me fit as I sew so I decided to make a toile. I traced off the size 10 cut out my fabric and basted together the trousers and tried them on.

The fit wasn’t actually that terrible but I knew it could be better. So I set to work on figuring out what I could change.

I found a cool ebook on trouser fitting from Closet Case Patterns which was really useful. There were pictures of diagnostics for common fitting issues and how to fix them. I decided to only make small tweaks and so only added or took away a 1/4 inch in each case.

Jumpsuit Trousers from Fashion with Fabric

Trouser fitting adjustments

In the end the changes I made to my pattern pieces were many:

I scooped out the front crotch curve by 1/4inch (round pubis adjustment), I added a1/4 inch to the abdomen area and let of the front inseam by 1/4 inch (full tummy adjustment) and I added a quarter inch to the back seat curve (full seat adjustment).

I think for a tighter fitting trouser I would also need to deal with a gaping back but as these trousers have an elasticated waist I felt I could let that one slide for now!

Sewing Comfy trousers

The details:

Pattern: Jumpsuit Trousers Hack from Fashion with Fabric*

Fabric: lightweight cotton (possibly rayon?) from the man outside Sainsburys

Notions: Drawstring cord

Alterations: Size 10, round pubis adjustment, full tummy adjustmentfull seat adjustment.

Jumping for Joy at Trousers that actually fit!

I am so pleased to finally have a pair of me-made trousers that fit well! The fabric is really comfy and over the summer with all the hot weather we have been having they have been fantastic!

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