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Knit and Stitch Show

Last week I had to head up to Lancaster for a work meeting and so whilst I was there I paid a visit to my parents for the weekend. It just so happened that the Knit and Stitch show was on at Rheged in Penrith. So, of course, we went.

I had so much fun. There was lots of wonderful things on display. Mostly craft supplies, yarn and fabric but in amongst it all were some completed items to show off the supplies at their best.

I was having far too much fun to remember to take pictures but I did snap a few. Mostly of my purchases (which I was trying so hard not to buy but just couldn’t help myself).

IMG_20160417_115156675_HDR This was one of the few creations I did manage to get a snap of. There were lots of beautiful woven rugs and blankets on one stall – i forgot to get the name. I particularly loved the colour combination in this one and hope to recreate it in fair isle one day!



IMG_20160417_165141002_HDR I found a great stall selling locally produced alpaca yarn. I couldnt resist buying a couple of balls of natural aran weight (despite the hefty price tag). It is just so soft! I hope to make a hat with this at some point but may have to practice which ever pattern I choose a few times before turning to this yarn!



IMG_20160417_165217487_HDRNext I bought a couple of fabrics from Cool crafting. They had loads of gorgeous cotton poplins on display, so it was really hard to choose one. They also had a betty dress from Sew Over It stitched up to display one of their fabrics. My mum loved it so I decided I would make her one. The blue daisies on the top right was here choice and the monochrome flowers is for me.

IMG_20160417_165247580_HDRThere was also an exhibition about Harris tweed on at the centre with lots of beautiful photographs representing the famous fabric. One artist at the fair specialised in pieces made with Harris tweed. I really loved lots of the work on display so bought myself a card with a print of these puffins! The tweed is felted and then accentuated with felted yarn detailing.
Add featured image – close up of interest


I’d love to hear if you have any pattern suggestions for my new yarn or fabric purchases! Just let me know in the comments.

Birthday Goodies

Not only was this weekend a long one with two bank holidays at either end it was also my birthday! This meant I didn’t have to feel quite so guilty about spending the whole time crafting!

The first three days of the four day weekend I was bundled up with a cold – the perfect excuse to not go anywhere and just lay around all day doing bits and pieces of knitting and crochet when I had the energy.

Luckily for me though, yesterday I felt much better which meant I was able to fully enjoy my birthday!

I got some lovely crafty gifts too which I wanted to share with you today.

Firstly this amazing book which I had asked for but wasn’t sure if my hinting had been noticed! After a quick flick through yesterday I can tell that it is one I will read from cover to cover a few times as well as dipping in and out of it as and when as a reference book. the writing style is amazing and I feel like the author is right there with me as I read it telling me little funny stories about knitting. So much better than I could have ever hoped for – and I cant wait to get stuck in!

2016-03-28 15.39.54

I also got myself a little present – a set of pompom makers. I really love a bobble hat but when it comes down to it making pompoms can be a bit of a chore and reminds me a little too much of summer play schemes! These things are amazing though I had a little try yesterday and was amazed with the speed at which I could whip up a pom pom and not just a little weedy one either! I should buy myself presents more often!

2016-03-28 15.39.44

We also went into town yesterday and as it was my birthday I couldn’t bypass tiger without buying just one ball of yarn. As I have been really good lately and not added any more to my stash I allowed myself the luxury but decided it could only be ONE ball. But which colour to choose? and then I saw this one and realised I didn’t have to choose just one colour when I could have them all in this one glorious ball!

2016-03-28 18.34.44



Weekend WIPs – the end of the ball

Earlier this week I had a very stressful time whilst knitting. Now, knitting is something that I usually find quite relaxing – but not this time. I was nearing the end of my ball of yarn and I wanted to squeeze as much out of it as possible. I was getting towards the end of my row, which is now getting quite long, and the tail of yarn was getting ever shorter. I really wanted to reach the end of the row as knitting is still fairly new to me and I am a little uncomfortable leaving a row half finished, which is something I would have to do given I didn’t have the next ball with me. Also, as I am still quite new to knitting this would be the first project where I neede to change ball part-way through! So I really wanted some help from my other friends who knit.

I asked around at my craft club for everyone’s best suggestions as to how they join a new ball and most seemed to follow the same theme. Either pick up the new yarn and begin to knit with both it and the previous one for a few stitches or to knit with it and its tail for a few stitches. This is so that it gets properly locked into the work and shouldn’t unravel. I decided to go with knitting with both new and old yarn together for a few stitches although I can see how the other method might work better if you were changing colour.

You do get a small section of you knitting that is a little thicker than the rest due to using two strands at once. However, you can hardly notice it on mine as it falls within the ribbing and so just creates one slightly heavier rib. I forgot to take pictures but trust me you can hardly tell! Later in this project I need to change colour so I might try the other method then and see how it goes so that I can compare which I like best,


Stash sorting

This would normally be the time for my weekend WIPs post but this weekend has been full of things. Just not much crafting.

I did manage to get my Capri trousers finished but more on those another day once I have taken some photos. Other than that I managed a few rows of knitting but there’s not really much to report.

I did however, do some stash sorting. Now there’s nothing to get too excited about here I did not manage to get rid of anything! I just sorted fabric into two boxes: one of pieces large enough to make full items out of and another of old clothes and offcuts which can be used for smaller projects.

I also sorted my yarn out and kept all the balls that are for my current projects in an accessible place whilst those that are not needed went into a box to be kept out of the way. I even wrote a list of what’s in the box so that hopefully I can consult that first when choosing my next project!



spotty trousers pins

Spring Bank Holiday Weekend WIPs

Another long weekend is over! I hope everyone made the most of it!

I don’t have a lot to show you for this weekends progress as my dropbox became full without me realising so none of my photos have uploaded but I can tell you about what I got up to and hopefully manage to retrieve a few photos along the way!

Firstly I have been making some slow progress on my knitted shawl, sadly no pictures here. However I have now completed 3 full reps of the pattern. Only 3 more to go and then onto the lace work border! This may sound like great progress but actually I am not even nearly half way as each rep is around 20 rows (I cant remember exactly) and the number of stitches increases by 2 every row so its getting slower and slower! Oh well some progress is better than none!

I also did a fair chunk of sewing as I decided to use my extra day off to have some fun so I played my keyboard and guitar for a bit and then started on some capri trousers. These are from the latest GBSB book “Fashion with Fabric”. I bought this book as soon as it came out but this is the first thing I have tried making from it. It actually seems really straight forward and easy to follow so they are coming together really quickly!

spotty trousers pins

I also spent a chunk of time sorting through my fabric and separating the good size scraps from the useless bits. I also decided to start sewing together all of my offcuts from seam allowances and rolling them up into a great big ball of yarn. I’ve not quite decided what I am going to do with it yet but I just couldn’t let it go to waste! Maybe I will crochet a rag rug.

KCBW6 Day 5: Something A Bit Different

It’s day 5 of knitting and crochet blog week!

Today we have been tasked to do something a bit different. This involves blogging in a different style to normal. Now, I usually blog about my makes and how they are progressing. sometimes I even have a finished project to share with you. So today I thought I would concentrate on the yarn itself rather than the project and in the spirit of trying something different I have created an infographic!

I love infographics they are usually really simple visual ways of getting lots of information. In my real life as a PhD student I need to take on a lot of new information and so these are a really great way of condensing all of that information into bite-size chunks.

As my work is agriculture and environment focused I thought to myself what better way to combine these interests with yarn and crafting but to tell you about wool production and its merits in terms of sustainability.

So here it is, my infographic on sustainable wool! I’d love to know what you think!

sustainable wool infographic

geometric cowl

KCBW6 Day 1: If You Were Yarn


This week is knitting and crochet blog week, the brain child of Eskimimi Makes! Its a chance to try out something new whilst celebrating everything to do with planning creating and using your knitting and crochet. I’m really excited to be taking part this year and am looking forward to a week of trying new things. If you want the lowdown on what knitting and crochet blog week is all about you can find it here

So the topic for day one: If You Were Yarn. The question for today is about describe your personality but also requires a bit of thought regarding the properties of different yarns and what makes them unique.

The prompts for today ask:

If you were a type or brand of yarn, which would you be? Are you a classic pure wool? Is there extra tension but a bit of bounce in you because of your high twist? Would you be more like a high-maintainance, strictly hand-wash fluffy angora or a ‘bring it on’ acrylic, bravely heading into the world of possible baby-sick laundering disasters knowing that you will always come out bright and unharmed?

As someone who is relatively new to knitting and crochet my yarn vocabulary is still relatively limited and many of my projects have been made with reasonably cheap yarn so as to avoid disappointment and a lot of wasted money if I were to make a massive mess!

The yarn I use most often has to be Hayfield Bonus DK as it is available in most shops I vist and is usually one of the cheapest yarns on offer. Thinking about it this yarn does suit my personality really well, it isnt too fancy and is always there to help no matter what the occasion (or project). Its pretty down to earth and can be lots of fun!.

However, I think the perfect yarn to reflect my personality would not be as bold as Bonus DK. It would need to have a softer side. In fact, I think the perfect yarn to describe me might just be Wendy’s Aran with Wool! It is the yarn I used to create my geometric crochet cowl. It is still fun, bright, colourful but it also has some subtle darker tones. It a mix of reasonably hardwearing aran blended with softer wool. Also, it is a chunky wool which is perfect for my personality as it gets the job done quickly so that I dont have chance to get bvored along the way. Also it makes a super warm cowl which is perfect as I hate to be cold!

geometric cowl

geometric pattern crochet cowl

If you had to pick a yarn that represents you and your personality what would it be?


I think I am using Ravelry wrong.

I love to use Ravelry to find new patterns or just to search for ideas about what I could knit or crochet next. However, I currently seem to use the library and queue functions interchangeably to save  links to patterns I want to try or more often than not I just pin them to my inspiration boards over on Pinterest.

I havent even begun to use the functionality attached to groups forums or people.

One feature I do really like however is the ‘yarns’ tab. You know when you are in a shop and you see a yarn that you just need. Well this is where you can see what other people have made with it and suddenly it is no longer that impulse buy that you don’t know what to do with but instead it is a gateway to hundreds of new projects just waiting to be started!

If you want to see the chaos of my Ravelry page you can find it here.