grey emma hips

Despite only recently delving into the crafty world I am well and truly immersed! I love to craft, crochet knit and sew and try to wear my handmade creations as often as possible.

In the real world I am a science PhD student which can get a bit crazy at times so I love to find an escape through the creation of beautiful things. In fact, it is only since I started my PhD that I have started crafting – my first experimentation into crochet was in 2013. I followed this up with a bit of sewing on my mums old machine and loved it so much that I bought my own at the start of 2015 and it was around the same time that I ventured into the world of knitting.

I often find that the item I am picturing in my head when I dream up a new project is not always available as a pattern and so I have also started to create my own patterns. This is something hope to do more of and begin sharing them with you.


If you want to keep in touch please follow me by one of the usual methods


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