MIY MARCH 20 – WEEK 3 – Refashion It

Wow, what a week! I went from being at work on Monday to setting up my home office on Tuesday to feeling like the apocalypse has now begun! The time has gone by in such a whirlwind and I have to say the love in the online sewing community has been phenomenal. Everyone is taking the time to make sure the small businesses we know and love are supported through these trying times, people are giving each other a platform to find new sewing friends and most importantly everyone is being so kind! In fact, the week has been so overwhelming I almost completely forgot about this weeks MIY March prompt. However in true Keep calm and carry on spirit I really wanted to write this blog and take a few minutes for myself to return to normality.

This week Portia Lawrie is guest hosting and asking us to think about refashioning. This is not something I have done a lot of as I tend to not really buy anything new and the old clothes I do have (from before I made my own) tend to be well worn and i love them the way they are. However, when I did a bit of an overhaul of my wardrobe last autumn I came across a couple of things that I loved for one reason or another but just did not wear them so I sat down and thought about how I could refashion them to get the most out of them.

The first was my Phoebe dress (pattern by Sew Over It). When this pattern first came out I fell immediately in love with it – it looked like the perfect staple for my work wardrobe. However after I made it up I just didn’t like the shape of it on me. The blouse had too much fabric in the front. So I cut it apart and added some elastic to the skirt waist – now it gets load of wear and I will use the fabric from the top for pocket linings or some other small project.

My Phoebe dress that just didn’t feel right…maybe too much fabric at the front?

…so I chopped the top off and added elastic to the waist to make a very well worn pencil skirt


The second item was a dress that was my absolute favourite during my uni days. I bought it from a small independent shop in Sheffield (circa 2006) and wore it on many a night out. Unfortunately, the dress is so short I cannot even imagine wearing it out of the house anymore. I decided to turn it into a tunic so I removed the shirring elastic from the waistline and gave it a really good press to get the fabric to lie flat again and now I have found a whole new love for this forgotten garment.

My favourite dress for a night out at uni and a photo of what I can only assume was a very serious reconstruction of grease lightning


The refashioned version of my dress minus the shirred waist makes for a lovely tunic, perfect for pairing with jeans and a cardi – oh how times have changed!


In fact, now I am working from home this look has become my uniform – weirdly it contained no memades at all other than this refashion. I don’t know if it is the old familiarity of the shop-bought items from my uni days that I find comforting in this difficult time or if I just really need to make some proper jeans!!

Have you refashioned anything? How did you find the process? was it a small tweak like mine to make an old item wearable again or a complete overhaul of a garment into something completely new? 





p.s. want to keep up with my latest makes? Head on over to my Instagram for all the latest makes and in-progress shots!

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